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Mumbai Raindezvous

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Mumbai Raindezvous
‘Bombay is boiling men!’, as a certain section of Mumbaikars exclaim, reveals the sweltering grip in which the city is held every summer. True the mercury has not yet bust the slender tube in which it is trapped, but the sizzling weather has sent quite a large part of the city’s population to their hometowns. And those who are stuck behind for whatever reason battle bravely the heat. The flamboyance of the fiery Gul Mohurs is fading…Tempers explode…Chilled beers perspire…Rain day predictions dominate conversations…Heaven is invoked… The pied crested cuckoo, the harbinger of the monsoon shrills frantically in the leafy boughs…The rains can’t be very far now!

The monsoons are no meek and mild entrant on the grand stage called Mumbai. They whoosh in with a lot of enthusiasm and show, catching Mumbai’s millions totally off guard. The stage is set; the heat is oppressive and hangs thick in the air. Perspiration is flowing profusely. And for just a brief moment – at least so it appears, everything is still. Then it starts – first the breeze which races around like a demented monkey with its tail on fire. It swishes through the trees and swirls down the street, tossing and turning everything in its path. And high in the heavens it whips the heavy rain-filled clouds into position. Having gusted about, successfully upturning umbrellas and giving people new hairstyles, the breeze drops, as chilled raindrops take center stage.

Like some great big celestial army the raindrops swarm down in endless shiny waves, drenching everything. And so it continues for quite a while cooling, washing and numbing the city. But not for long as the citizens who scurried for cover now emerge equipped. Several thousand umbrellas in a myriad colours blossom everywhere. The cautious and careful have taken shelter beneath their gaudy windcheaters, while the carefree weave…...

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