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Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy

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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is one of the worlds most hidden forms, and therefore also least recognised forms of child abuse. The syndrome is a psychological disorder where the parent fabricates illnesses and symptoms in their child, resulting in unnecessary medication that is often over prescribed or overdosed, and sometimes even exploratory surgeries on the child. How many people know about this? Such a minority that it is easily forgotten and almost never detected by doctors, nurses and surgeons, but the friends and family of the sufferer and their victim who is their very own flesh and blood. Therefore, while most child abuse cases go straight to the police, being assault and such other common forms, awareness needs to be raised about this because not only are these children dying from fabricated sickness, but these crimes are committed on a regular basis and are in such clear view that nobody notices them.

Munchausen's syndrome by Proxy is an important issue because it is a form of child abuse and there needs to be awareness raised. But although it can be easy enough to spot for some, who wants to accuse someone of this? When it comes to symptoms, they can either be hard or easy to spot, depending on the position you're in. The children usually don't respond, or respond oddly to treatment; have medical problems that don't add up with their history; become well when the parent is away have a deteriorating health either away from medical facilities or when the parent is around them. The parent will usually be knowledgeable or highly interested in the child's medical findings. Also other patients medical conditions, and usually quite calm when it comes to serious difficulties in their child's health. They even usually recommend more medication or surgeries. But who wants to accuse a parent of not loving their child? Especially saying they’re fabricating illnesses and putting them in hospital for sympathy and attention? And then again, nobody's doing anything to stop it. This puts them in a difficult position, making it seem like they're allowing for it to happen. Those who do know of this, despite their position, aren't active enough and don't spread awareness fast enough to make a difference. Something needs to be done.

Now, despite the fact most people with disorders claim to be or seem to be out of control of their actions, Munchausen's sufferers do know what they are doing and who they're doing it to, and this is what most people fail to see. The most common victim is one who is vulnerable and unable to warn others of what is being done to them. This is usually babies, young children, elderly people or physically or mentally handicapped people. Also, the sufferer, generally being a nurse, caregiver or parent, tends to have a need for attention, hence being surrounded by people worrying about their child. At times, they are also able to attain the “hero” role and receive yet more attention. However that was not the case for Marybeth Tinning, but for beverly Allitt. While Tinning was only convicted for the murder of one of her children, she got away with killing eight biological and one adopted children of hers. This was confessed as gathering sympathy and attention for her losses and being a mother who’d lost nine children, you’d expect she got a lot. Beverly Allitt, however was a nurse. She used her profession to overdose four children which all resulted in death, attempt to kill a further three children and inflict grievous bodily harm on six of her patients in the childrens ward at the hospital she worked in. This, for her gave her the appearance of a “hero” simply because of her job. Personally, if you want to attention or sympathy, doing this to your own children (or others in Allitts case) is sick and needs to be stopped. There are so many other ways to get around this.

So by now, you’d be thinking “Why don't people just report it?”. Well actually, it isn’t that easy. Legally, health care providers and those who work around the sufferer and victim are required to report their concerns to higher health care professionals or the appropriate law enforcements. Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy is quite possibly one of the most difficult disorders to diagnose and one not many people want to report, hence the reason for there not being that many well known cases. It is so difficult that it may even take years to make conclusions or accusations, let alone diagnose it. It is a very sensitive issue to address, considering you are actually accusing a parent of deliberately causing medical harm to their child that could be life threatening. It would, of course be rather awkward accusing a parent of this and being wrong. So after getting around the hard bit of detecting symptoms and then building up the guts to accuse someone of this, getting it wrong is very hard. Because so many people also in the past have been accused wrongly, it scares others off when it comes to reporting incidents when appropriate and therefore, a lot gets brushed under the carpet. Now, while the people witnessing this are legally obliged to report this, although can be illegal to not report child abuse, because it is hard to pick up on completely. I think if people are going to keep this quiet after suspecting someone of it, they need to think, would they do that to their own child? Think of it as indirectly being part of this childs abuse, simply by seeing this and standing aside to let it happen. We need to increase our awareness, people! I’m sure if your parent was doing this to you, you’d want someone to say something. Step into their shoes and see what its like. Take some responsibility.

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is one of the worlds most hidden forms. It’s also least recognised forms of child abuse. The syndrome is a psychological disorder where the parent fabricates illnesses and symptoms in their child, resulting in unnecessary medication that is often over prescribed or overdosed, and sometimes even exploratory surgeries on the child. You know about this. You can do something, you are a minority but you can be the individual who spreads more awareness and gets people to act. Spread this so it is more easily detected by doctors, nurses and surgeons, the friends and family of the sufferer and their victim who is their very own flesh and blood. While most child abuse cases go straight to the police, being assault and such other common forms, by making this more public awareness can be raised about this because not only are these children dying from fabricated sickness, but these crimes are committed on a regular basis and are in clear view. Now you are more aware you can recognise it and report it.…...

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