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Bound and free morphemes

Free morphemes: o constitute words by themselves – boy, car, desire, gentle, man o can stand alone

Bound morphemes: o can’t stand alone – always parts of words - occur attached to free morphemes

cats: cat ( free morpheme -s ( bound morpheme undesirable: desire ( free morpheme -un, -able ( bound morphemes o affixes o prefixes – occur before other morphemes ▪ unhappy, discontinue, rewrite, bicycle, bipolar

o suffixes – following other morphemes ▪ sleeping, excited, desirable

o infixes – inserted into other morphemes

▪ Bontoc, a language in the Philipines – fikas ‘strong’ fumicas ‘to be strong’ kilad ‘red’ kumilad ‘to be red’

▪ English full word obscenities into another word – in+fuggin+credible also+bloomin+lately

o circumfixes – attached to another morpheme both initially and finally ▪ German Past participle of irregular verbs – ge+lieb+t

Roots and Stems

o morphologically complex words consist of a root + one or more morpheme(s)

o root ▪ a lexical content morpheme that ▪ cannot be analyzed into smaller • painter , reread, conceive ▪ may or may not stand alone as a word • read, -ceive o stem ▪ a root morpheme + affix ▪ may or may not be a word

• painter ( both a words and a stem • -ceive+er ( only a stem

▪ as we add an affix to a stem, a new stem and a new word are formed

root: believe stem: believe + able word: un + believe + able

root: system stem: system + atic stem: un+ system + atic stem: un+ system + atic + al word: un+ system + atic + al + ly

Morphemes and syllables

The terms morpheme and syllable should not be confused: ( many morphemes are syllabic (i.e., contain at least one vowel) - cat ( many others are non-syllabic (contain no vowels): -s ( 'more than one'…...

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Hlss320 Final Paper today. It is not a question of if they will attack but when they will attack on American soil. To really understand how they might do it and why they want to one must first look at their history and beliefs. Al-Quade started during the Cold War when Russia invaded Afghanistan. The United States was against all things Russian and started to support the locals fight back against the Russians. This led to the United States giving Al-Quade weapons and training. After the withdrawal of the Russians in 1988 a named Ahmad Fadhil Nasal Al-Khalaylah joined Al-Quade. Once there he met a man named Sheikh Abu Muhammad who had a lot more violent outlook then Obama bin Laden. Unlike Bin Laden, Al-Khalaylah, who changed his name to Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, grew up very poor and was a lot more extreme because of this fact. In 1999 he returned to Jordan and formed his own organization known as Jamaat Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad or the Organization of Monotheism and Jihad. On September 11, 2001 Al-Quade made their motives known when they committed a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and another flight that crashed before reaching a target. This would led to the United States invading Afghanistan in 2001 and in 2003 Iraq. Zarqawi’s group was among the extremists who entered the country to fight the United States. His group as well as others and the former Sunni army that was led by Saddam Hussein joined together and eventually joined Al-Qaeda gaining......

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