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Music, Poetry, Passion..

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Music, Poetry, Passion…

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Album: Love?
Artiste: Jennifer Lopez
Label: Island Def Jam Music Group
Genre: POP/ Dance
Release Date: May 3, 2011

About the Album: For many fans of Jennifer Lopez, Love? has been a long time coming. This being the seventh studio album may be her most personal to date, encompassing inspiration from the birth of her twins and her own experiences with love. The highlighted theme throughout the album courses the examination, questioning and discovery of the diverse sides and avenues of love and relationships. It's been a long and twisty road for Love?, having started recording the album in 2009 with an original release date for the project set for January 2010 to coincide with Lopez’s latest film “The Back-up Plan”. However following the lack of success with lead single Louboutins, Lopez and Sony Music Entertainment decided to end their ten year partnership leaving the fate of Love? with Island Def Jam, which boasts an impressive roster of A-list songwriters and producers (such as RedOne and Lady Gaga), as well as guest performers. Here’s a track-by-track rundown:

1. On the Floor (Ft. Pitbull)

This moderately-catchy track, aimed for the dance floor, became J.Lo’s first Top 10 hit in eight years. It’s one of the album’s strongest singles, having a bit of a capricious vibe, containing a sample of Los Kjarkas’ song Llorando Se Fue, which was made popular in the Kaoma single Lambada. Lyrically, it follows the typical ‘get down and boogie’ formula but sound wise, it’s unlike anything on the radio, definitely putting it ahead of the game and screams summer.

2. Good Hit

Lopez pointlessly cuddles with auto-tune for this near-rap song in which she repetitively asks, “Don’t you wish I was your boo?” It seems a bit forced and dull yet further reminding listeners that she brought ghetto fabulousness to Pop.

3. I’m Into You (Ft. Lil Wayne)

Possessing one of the most memorable and infectious hooks on the album, it evokes the same reggaeton flavour of Rihanna’s What’s My Name? with Lil Wayne hanging in the background adding a few nudges and wink quip.

4. (What Is) LOVE?
Channelling the emotions of quiet sadness and loneliness, Lopez draws inspiration from the tales of women with no fathers, families, abusive boyfriends and husbands asking and questioning love and why it’s at times so elusive.

5. Run the World

With a sanguine message and upbeat melody, this track poses as one of those old-school J.Lo tracks where she flirts with the hip-hop side of her music. A perfect salute to her past melodic step forward.

6. Papi Papi serves as a devout effect to On the Floor with a more seriously Latin-flavoured beat. The base line on this Euro-dance influenced backdrop finds the lyrics with the perfect mixture of Spanglish, possibly Lopez at her best. 7. Until It Beats No More

Jen slows the tempo slightly to deliver a blend between Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry and Rihanna’s California King Bed and it’s undeniable that her vocals has grown over the years, evident as she gamely attempts high notes.

8. One Love

Harking the album’s title, Jen injects lyrics about her past and present romances, trying to answer the question of whether there is such a thing as one true love. 9. Invading My Mind

This upbeat single is heavily reminiscent of a weaker version of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance, having Lopez going back and forth between her natural voice and a heavily affected vocoder effect over a very hard beat.

10. Villain

This is a rather odd track, never really going anywhere with its beat, wandering and toying with being somewhat dark concurrently trying to be danceable. Lyrically it features Lopez singing about being a villain because she won’t take back a desperate ex.

11. Starting Over

Another heartfelt track suggesting a somewhat autobiographical song for her life and there’s definitely more feeling and emotion into this than a majority of the other tracks.

12. Hypnotico

With its pure dance feel it fits J.Lo’s persona perfectly and showcases her dance music appeal greatly. Penned by Lady Gaga it’s likely to stick in your head long after the song has ended.

Final Verdict: Love themed albums are scarcely ever revolutionary with this being no exception. What’ll make Love? something of a disappointment is the mere fact that it lacked a fresh/new sound. Some tracks really fell flat while others was simply an instant dance floor hit. Based on Love? one could say that there can be room for expansion in her musical career as this album shows her not evolving but rather taking a few steps backward.…...

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