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Mustang Jeans.
Disclaimer: This video material accompanies your text and is made by McGraw Hill. The video is in no way a current representation of either of the two business cultures that were portrayed.
The cultural behaviors of the “American” or “Japanese” in the video do not accurately reflect business behaviors in these countries so please do not generalize based on the video. The video is meant as a classroom exercise to analyze a specific cultural encounter. Total 20 points.
Answer the following questions.
What was striking about the attitude of the seller. (name 3 attributes of behavior) 3 Points
1._He was focused more on himself than the relationship.
2. He frequently used the word I and kept being pushy about the sale.
3. The seller’s values were that of short term goals.
What was striking about the attitude of the buyer? (Name 3 attributes of behavior)) 3 Points
1. He was much more focused on the long-term goals of the deal.
2. The buyer kept using the term we when talking about the seller, and would not close the deal without getting to know the buyer.
3. His values were different from the seller, he was not concerned as much about the price, but more so the relationship.

How could either party have created a win win situation. What was at stake here? What were the negotiations about? 3 Points
Either party could have created a win win solution by talking to each other more about the sale and what they could each do to close the sale. For example, the Japanese wanted to build a solid relationship personally before moving forward, and the Americans just wanted to get this done quick. The seller should have done more homework beforehand about the Japanese culture and how they do business. Visa Versa, it would have been helpful if the buyer could have maybe hinted more at this.
How did these 2 cultures solve problems? Hint: See pic. 2…...

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