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My First Class

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After being a part of M.A.D. for over a month now, today I finally got a chance to teach the kids i.e. Today was my first class as a teacher with M.A.D. . . . It was so fulfilling and was a great experience. So it all started today at 8:00 AM when I woke up very excited and happy knowing the fact that from this day onwards I actually start Making a Difference.

So I reached my Centre i.e. Aashiyana(Panchkula) at 10:30AM with all the books, Markers etc. The class was not for another half hour. But our team decided to go in and check in on the arrangements made by the authorities for the classes. Everything was perfect, the kids reached the classes on time and they were also super excited to learn which made this all more fun. And so our classes began at 11:00AM . After the Ice-Breaking session, it was pretty clear that my kids loved playing games, so I decided to begin my class with a simple “Sit-Stand” game. The kids loved it and after adding a few twists to the game we had a winner. The class applauded the winner with BIG smiles on their faces & hence, I began with the teaching session.

The kids were so eager to learn and this curiosity for learning was clearly visible on their faces. After a brief introduction to the first exercise in the book, I was surprised to see the response of the class. Everybody knew what to answer and almost everyone wanted to speak out the answers. This was such a good feeling. The kids were themselves trying to speak up in English, they were trying to answer in English which represented their will for learning. As the class progressed the fun factor also increased. It was good to see the kids discuss and work in pairs, making noises, the occasional acts of naughtiness made the teaching all more interesting.

While I was teaching, my co-teacher Vikas made sure that everybody was getting what was being taught…...

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