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My Management Plans

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MIS 5360 : Management of Information Systems
Instructor: Dr. Yusun Jung
(Spring 2016)
Team Members:
Anjanee Siriki
Sanjana Putchala
Loka Sowjanya Kurra
Sneha Enugula Venkata
Anusha Sapa


“All one has to do is put their mind to it, never give up and never lose hope.”
-Lawrence Larry Page

Born in Michigan in 1973, Lawrence Larry Page, an American computer scientist and internet business visionary(Biography, 2014) teamed up with his graduate school companion Sergey Brin to launch “Google”, a search engine and one of the most innovative startups in internet technology space, in 1998, which eventually became the most influential company in digital era (7).It is an unconventional company, set up benchmarks by attracting billions of users for applications like
Chrome, Google Maps, Youtube and Android. The company started with a vision statement “To organize the world information, and make it universally accessible and useful” (14).
Early years – Google as a startup
As a research activity at Stanford University, Page and Brin created a search engine that recorded results according to the reputation of the pages, after concluding that the most reputed result would obviously be the most useful. They named the search engine as "Google" after the mathematical term "googol," which refers to the No. 1(Biography, 2014) followed by 100 zeros, to mirror their aim to organize the enormous amount of information accessible on the web.
Both developed a search engine that recorded results, based on prominence of the pages, calling it "Google”, which became one the main web crawlers today.

The evolution of Google, after the early years happened in four distinct phases.
Phase I– Founding (1998-2001)
Both Larry Page and Brin incorporated Google in 1998 with a mission “To organise the world’s information and make it universally…...

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