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My Nursing Career and Life Plan

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As written by Walter Mosely, “America now stand on a fiscal precipice and right now our money is worth less daily as our children’s potential is dwindling, our medical insurance, Social Security and ability to make choices about when and if we retire are eroding”. So I decided to become a nurse, to have health insurance, paid vacations, 401k pension plans and security of tenure. The need for a career that is not just a JOB, but a career that can make me financially stable (no more paycheck to paycheck), a career which will bring joy to both me and those I help nurture back to health.

Even as a small child attending Elementary School, I had this vision of becoming a Nurse and working in as hospital assisting the sick and needy. Not just a nurse trying to make money, but also that nurse who shows caring and understanding for all patients young or old, rich or poor, and of course the one that would see beyond a patients color. Life doesn’t always take you in a single direction, so even though I have worked in numerous industries including the healthcare field, dreams got pushed aside as other interests were pursued. Today I can say that I have taken that first step; that giant leap to achieving that dream. Finally, I have registered and started classes which will lead to me graduating with an Associate of Science degree and ultimately becoming a Registered Nurse after 2 years of study and also being successful in the State Licensure exams.

After that the sky is the limit. And What do I mean by that? It means that aside from making good money, I will be able to work just 3 days/nights per week while continuing my education to receive my Bachelors and Masters degree in Nursing. Not only will I be carving out my own niche, I will be helping to alleviate the nursing shortage in America. By becoming a Traveling Nurse,…...

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