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Nats Controversy

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1775 Guidelines for Technological Controversy Assignment
Instructor: Dr. Vera Pavri

Once you have selected your academic and popular sources, I want you to gather information about each side of your debate and then start organizing the various arguments. Don’t worry about choosing sources that only present one side of the argument or another. That is not the point. Many scholarly sources for example, are likely to provide you with arguments that you will use for both sides of your controversy. While you don’t have to worry about choosing the same number of “for” articles and “against” articles, it is important to make sure you have a balanced number of arguments for each side of your debate. Finally, you also don’t need to separate your popular and scholarly sources as they are likely to examine similar issues. You don’t want to be repetitive when describing various arguments, so think about a way of effectively organizing the arguments you will presenting.

Your paper is essentially going to be divided in two parts. The first part will be about describing the arguments on either side of the debate. I call this the descriptive component of your paper. The second part of your paper is the analysis. You will be analyzing two things. First, I want you to compare and contrast how your topic is presented in scholarly versus popular media. Think of areas like language (simple versus complex), use of references, and length of article as a starting point for your analysis. Make sure to use examples in your analysis. For instance, if you tell me that scholarly sources are harder to understand than popular ones because of language, provide an example of this from your own sources. The other thing I want you to analyze is how your topic relates to any one or two of our course themes and/or theories. This is unit one material only.

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