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Homework 1
Network class

1- The transmitter is i=the device that converts the voice sounds waves into electrical waves. Consisting of a metal cup filled with carbon granules, a metal diagraph covering the cup a cap that holds the lid over the carbon granules and a metal lining that helps complete the circuit to the outside world. 2- At the center of a paper or plastic diaphragm is a coil of wire. This coil is suspended by the diaphragm or cone, into a circular slot formed by a permanent magnet. The current containing the audio is passed through the coil, which is then repelled and attracted by the magnet, causing the diaphragm to move and moving air as it does so. Early receivers used a thin steel plate as a diaphragm. The coil was wrapped around a laminated core and placed very close behind the plate. As the current passed through the coil it attracted the diaphragm, causing air to move and sound produced. 3- The transmitter, the receiver, the dial pad, the switch hook, and the ringer.
Transmitter, source that produce a signal such as a telephone transmitter or an optical laser
Receiver, device that receives the signal
Dial Pad device to input the numbers
Switch hook used to open the circuit when the hand set is returned to the cradle or to close the circuit.
Ringer use to alert when incoming transmissions
4-A dial pad is used o notify the other party, a switch hook open or closes the circuit that circuit connects the telephone to central office the circuit is now connected until someone closes it by placing the phone back into the switch hook.
5-when a switch receives the call, it first determines whether or not the telephone number belongs to one of the customers served by the switch or if it needs to travel to a different local or long distance switch. With this information, the switch is able to route the call. There are three…...

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