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Network Systems Administration

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NT2580 Introduction to Information Security STUDENT COPY: FINAL EXAM
30. What does risk management directly affect?
a. Company investments
b. Security policy framework
c. Security controls
d. Number of employees

31. Which of the following is a cipher that shifts each letter in the English alphabet a fixed number of?
Positions, with Z wrapping back to A?
a. Transposition
b. Vigenere
c. Caesar
d. Vernam

32. Identify a security objective that adds value to a business.
a. Revocation
b. Authorization
c. Anonymity
d. Message authentication

33. Which of the following is an asymmetric encryption algorithm?
a. AES
b. 3DES
c. RSA
d. RC4

34. Identify a security principle that can be satisfied with an asymmetric digital signature and not by a symmetric signature.
a. Nonrepudiation
b. Integrity
c. Authorization
d. Access control

35. Which of the following is a mechanism for accomplishing confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and
a. Cipher text
b. Cryptography
c. Access control
d. Hashing

36. In which OSI layer do you find FTP, HTTP, and other programs that end users interact with?
a. Application
b. Network
c. Physical
d. Data Link

37. Identify the configuration that is best for networks with varying security levels, such general users, a group of users working on a secret research project, and a group of executives.
a. Multilayered firewall
b. Screened subnet firewall
c. Border firewall
d. Ordinary firewall

38. Which of the following would you not expect to find on a large network?
a. Router
b. Switch
c. Hub
d. Firewall

39. Which of the following is a weakness of WLANs?
a. WPA
b. RF shielding
c. User groups
d. SSID beaconing

40. Identify an advantage of IPv6 over IPv4.
a. More secure
b. Larger address space
c. IPSec support
d. More commonly used

41. Identify one of the first…...

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