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Reflecting on Your “Personal-Best Leadership” Project

For each of the five practices in the book (Chapters 4 through 8):

* Describe your current efforts to implement the five practices of the Leadership Challenge * Specify what you and/or your organization should be doing to fully implement the five practices * Report the results by describing what went right and why, or what went wrong and why. What would you do differently?
Model The Way (Chapter 4)
Inspire A Shared Vision (Chapter 5)
Challenge The Process (Chapter 6)
Enable Others To Act (Chapter 7)
Encourage The Heart (Chapter 8)

With the establishment of the Centre of Excellence concept within the Mantrac Business Group the organization entered into the establishment of a matrix management structure adding this onto the existing divisional and functional structures that existed. It is with reference to this development and my own role within the Power Systems COE whilst carrying the title manager with the expectations and responsibilities attached to such a position having no direct reports and so my Personal-Best Leadership Project should be viewed in this light and its implementation mindful of this position.

Model The Way

My first step on becoming an exemplary leader is inward. I looked to examine my past experiences helping me identify the values I use to make decisions amongst the choices that present themselves. I established them as trust, openness and honesty.

In order to provide some clarity around these values I needed to clearly define the leadership philosophy I wish to follow. I created the following list of leadership qualities that guide my behaviors and decision-making.

* I will always tell the truth and expect others to do the same. * I will always trust people unless they give me a reason not to trust them. * I expect us to work as a team fully supporting each other and the team as a whole * I love to learn and am constantly trying to improve * If I don’t think to ask for your input give it to me anyway

It is part of my task to responsibility to memorize these, as this will enable me to clearly articulate if challenged on my leadership philosophy.

Having established and reconfirmed commitment I have rehearsed these values and description of my leadership philosophy with myself to ensure it feels clear concise and it feels natural to explain.
Given the natural of the matrix role the opportunity to for me to formally share these values is limited however on all available occasions with those I interface with I look to give time were I could share them and allow others to talk about their values and philosophy.

During these discussions I look to build consensus around these values, principles and standards. It’s extremely important to look for the understanding and sharing of views as well as the development of the firm belief I hold in these attributes.

Having set the bar amongst the group I interface with its critical now to make sure all my activities emails, meetings etc. reflect the things I say are important. This has involved me in ensuring I have time to do so by reviewing my schedule to decline some meetings and activities that I see no reason to attend or participate in.

I have developed a range of phrases that I believe evoke the feelings that I look to create in the working environment around me. It is only through the constant repletion of these phrases will others feel the deep-seated nature of the values and behaviors.

During all interactions I look to act purposeful questions that bring back focus on the values and priorities that are most important to the situation at hand. Alongside these questions I actively seek feedback from others on how my actions are impacting upon them. Given any negative feedback I take time out to understand and clean up with the individual involved so as to avoid future mis-alignment of purpose.

I look for specific occurrences particularly if they are unplanned that illustrate a shared value to bring immediate attention to this amongst individuals and teams.

Broadcasting with story telling of classic examples, which illustrate the behaviors, sought in order to set the example for all to follow.

Inspire A Shared Vision

The future holds little certainty with no easy path or guarantees to any desired destination. In order to get to the future I envision the requirement for an internal compass and perhaps a dream of how the world should look.

As a part of my implementation plan I created a list of things I wished to accomplish always asking myself inwardly why these were important to myself.

* Develop the power systems team to be able to sell solutions to our customers * Be seen not simply as a generator distributor more a consultant to work with in co-developing with customers the optimum solution * Working with self directing teams consisting of fully engaged fulfilled team members * Being viewed by a wider group as having the intellect and ability to identify potential opportunities before others were perhaps aware of them * Creating a spirit of openness and trust amongst removing the artificial competitive boundaries focusing on the customer experience

To test the validity of this vision I am forcing myself to be curious about all the activities that are going on around me and perhaps not within my direct sphere. Looking for those things that aren’t apparently working and considering how my vision for the future would potentially address.

In an extremely task focused world I have set myself the challenge to always look for the what’s next elements long before they are immediately due and on others horizons.

In all discussions I am actively listening to others on what they see as important to them in their future. I also seek their involvement in crafting the arc of the possible in our collective views and elicit their views on potential barriers to implementation.

In discussions around the vision I have for the future I look to try and get all people on the same page and aligned in the same direction. In discussing the future my efforts are spent on elevating people out of the day-to-day task and into the “real” purpose of the teams work. Looking to see how what we do makes the communities we work in a better place for all.

In discussions with others no matter how convinced about my vision take the time out to get them to express their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future without dominating with my version.

From the feedback I have received I consciously look to incorporate their views into and inputs into how I inwardly describe the vision I hold. In order for us all to be fully embracing of the challenges ahead in implementation I look to openly discuss and share what makes ours products and services special to our customers. These discussions are deliberately upbeat in nature its easy to visit “pity city” just make sure you don’t live there.

Story telling for me plays a large part of this communication process. Describing the stories trying to create pictures in people’s minds of what the team aspires to assists in not having to use language that perhaps may confuse.

In being evangelical about my vision for the future I have to temper my enthusiasm and acknowledge the emotions of others and validate them as important so not to dis-enfranchise folk on the journey.

Challenge The Process

Facing challenge presents the opportunity for greatness. Teams produce their best work and results when there is the opportunity to change the ways things are done. I try to do something each week that I believe the team performs better due to some change collectively made.

I try to create a restlessness challenging routine for routine sake. I have deliberately placed myself in new situations beyond the strict boundaries of my role description for the learning and stretch this gives me.

Interaction with customers and our partner CAT seeking their thoughts and ideas on the things we could do better. I have planned and attended conferences were competitors are talking of the approach to market seeking insight into how we could bring some of the best elements into our business.

Whilst we are challenging the status quo and improving our processes I coach people to focus on what they can control within their work environment so as not to be sidetracked by that which they cant control.

By visible supporting those team members who are embracing constantly challenging themselves I highlight when ever possible to others how much personal fulfillment achieving from this approach.

Through the Strategic Planning Process I attempt to influence incremental goals and milestones that in more in process than the business as usual task. This activity focuses more are the underlying steps that look to position ourselves in future customer opportunities more than the deal by deal approach of the dealership.

When things go well or otherwise I discuss successes and failures concentrating on what made it work or not and what we would do better or “even better if”.

Enable Others to Act

With the matrix and high influencing role I perform its fairly obvious in my Personal Leadership Project I am even less likely than being in a more “traditional” role to do it all alone. Creating strong alliances and partnerships is key to making any form of extraordinary thing happen.

I look to create collaboration with others by stressing back to my values of trust seeking kindred spirits who really mean this as much as I do.

I openly share my hopes, fears, strengths and mistakes all the things that make me who I am. I actively look to spend time with others outside of my direct department to help me understand what makes them tick thus improving interactions and making them more mutually beneficial.

On each project I become involved with I actively listen seeking out from participants new ideas that can be shared irrespective of whether they work in the specific project at hand or not.
When ever possible I look to open the discussion to see how we can build linkages and understanding to the common goal we all are striving to repeat. This may even link to the overall corporate goal of becoming the Benchmark Caterpillar Dealer.

One of the best tools deployed for the creation of collaboration is doing somebody a favor or even more importantly the reciprocation of a favor building trust and collaboration.

With the extremely disparate nature of the teams spread of large geographies I have always sought to bring teams together face to face and if this is not so virtually. Things such as sharing each monthly report help push the bar up and shares good practice amongst the team.

During the implementation of my project I have encountered the need to strengthen others by taking actions that make them feel powerful and in control of their circumstances.

Rather than permit the teams to think the COE have all the answers and direct their actions I ensure people make choices about how they want to serve their customers and attempt to make this an expectation before we can discuss any possible alternatives.

Were ever possible I look to remove or at best limit the degree of routine assignment as quickly as possible. If we aren’t able to eliminate a task then put in place the simplest fastest route to make the task complete freeing up more time to seek more customer value.

The most significant activity which is continual and by reviewing my email, documents, recollections of conversations and from DirecTV feedback I look to ensure I am asking questions many more times than I am giving answers enabling others to act.

Encourage the Heart

Getting momentum amongst others on the route to the common purpose and goal is hard work. I have taken extra care to ensure people know what the expectations are communicating these in a positive manner clearly and regulariliy. I always look to create some form of rewrad for people who have contributed to the success of a project. An area in which I seek some improvement is in the rewards through actions more than just words. This involves me seeking out further the types of encouragement that makes the difference to others. Whenever I am travelling I take the time out to spend time with as many people as possible I have interface with thanking those from picking me up from the airport through to those who have set up highly positive customer meetings. I believe I need to do further work on this making things more spontaneous and fun in their nature.

Given the geographical limitations creating occasions to bring people together is a challenge and requires more effort on my behalf. When travelling I try to spend time with people out of the working environment inviting teams to get together for some time for discussion and have fun. In these social environments I try and relate try stories about how people have gone over and above the call of duty and specifically if I have some positive Customer feedback to share.…...

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