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No Turning Back

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No Turning Back will inspire us to recognise all the countless graces God had have given us in our life. Despite what had happened to Fr. Donald Calloway, God was still there and he didn't leave him. God was there to guide him each step of the way even if he didn't know who he was. The movie expresses our Lord's infinite mercy and faithfulness. We should always make God the center of our life. When my older brother died, i lost everything. I started to question God. Why did you end his journey so fast? Why? Then, I realised that maybe his purpose here on earth is done and maybe God needs him in heaven. God has never left me. He is there when i start doubting my self, when i start questioning my existence. God has always been present in my life. I have always seek the Lord’s guidance in all my decisions. His answers are always right on time. In all my decision making, he is there. Like Fr. Donald Calloway, I was drawn into the wrong direction when my older brother died. The only way our faith restores, is in God’s forgiveness. Our actions has its consequences. From all the happenings in my life, I learned that God loves us unconditionally. Our suffering results from the sinful action ourselves and. I believed that we go through all the pain and suffering because God wants us to learn; Learn from our mistakes so in the future, we would know how to handle it and we wouldn't repeat what had happened. We have the will on whether we should sin, or not. There’s no limit to God’s love to us. Despite all the sins we make, he still love us unconditionally. God will always be here to support us, to take care of us, to protect us. I learned a lot of lessons, after watching the movie. God always has something for us, we shouldn't underestimate the things he could do. We should never give up, we were given this life because God knows that we are strong enough to handle it, to live it. We shouldn't focus on the negative side, we should keep in mind that God wouldn’t give us this problem, if we couldn't handle it. Everything happens for a reason, in God’s time and will. Someday everything will make sense to us, keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. God knows what is right and what is wrong for us. Trust God.…...

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