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Not Just Damaging Yourself

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Teen substance abuse can cause many problems in a young person’s life. The tragedy can cause breaking up of families and relationships, health issues/overdoses, and unwanted pregnancies. But what happens if the teen is still abusing substances while carrying a child? Drugs and alcohol can have an unbelievable affect on an unborn child, and the more the mother is irresponsible about it, the worse it will be. It is important for nurses to know how to handle this situation, whether it is protecting the health of the pregnant teenage mother, or the health of the newborn baby with complications. This paper will address the many symptoms and malfunctions that can occur when a teenager continues to use alcohol and drugs, even while carrying their child.
Scope Statement
The first database that was used was Nursing and Allied Health, which provided most of the information that is used in this paper. Typing in “teenage substance abuse and pregnancy” came up with a lot of results, but putting the cut off limit at around 10 years definitely helped with decreasing that number. Also, looking to see if the article had the full PDF text online was helpful. Keywords that were looked for when scanning an article would be pregnancy, any kind of substance that was abused, and statistic or graphs included was an attention grabber. After finding the three main scholarly articles very easily on Nursing and Allied Health, the next browser that was used was Google. After typing in the main topic, which was “teenage pregnancy and substance abuse”, thousands of articles popped up. A way to cut down on them was to look for the legitimate website, such as those ending in .gov or .edu. After finding a few very credible websites, all of the information that was needed to put into the paper was found.
Review of Literature
“Each year, approximately 750,000 women aged 15-19 experience a…...

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