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Notes on Greek Literature and Drama

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The Glory that was Greece

| |A |B |C |D |E |
|1 |officially named the Hellenic |Greek messenger to the gods |founder of the Academy in |literary form that is the |tragedian who wrote Oedipus |
| |Republic |Hermes |Athens |crowning glory of Athenian Age|the King and Antigone - |
| |Greece | |Plato |- drama |Sophocles |
|2 |Greek god of wine and revelry |master of Greek comedy |god of war |capital city of Greece |what Greek actors wore during |
| |- Dionysus |-Aristophanes |Ares |Athens |a performance in a play - |
| | | | | |masks |
|3 |lyric poet notable for his |religion of the 98% of Greek |The GLORY |dwelling place of the deities |prince of Troy who gave his |
| |drinking songs and hymns - |people |that was |Mt. Olympus |life for his people - Hector |
| |Anacreon |Greek Orthodox |GREECE | | |
|4 |Father of Tragedy who wrote |what Prometheus stole from the|where the most famous oracle |greatest elegiac poet of |greatest epic poet |
| |Prometheus |gods that angered them - fire |is found…...

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