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Notre Dame De Paris

Original title:Notre Dame De Paris
Author:By Victor Hugo
Published site:in Tsinghua university of press
Published time:first in August,2010
A brief introduction:Before celebrating religious festival at Notre Dame De Paris,the beautiful pure gypsy girl Esmeralda had a wonderful performance,but vice bishop Claude up evil thoughts to her,instigate bellman Quasimodo kidnap her,but the king guard caption Phoebus then saved her,but the king guard caption Phoebus then saved her.From then on,girl fell in love with the Phoebus.Because of Claude’s jealous,he stabbed Fabius,but referred Esmeralda,that she was sentenced to death.
Main characters:La Esmeralda,Quasimodo,Claude,Phoebus,Pierre and so on.
Plot:Esmeralda,a beauty Gypsy girl,went to the church as most of the citizens which was seen by the archdeacon of Notre Dame,Dom Claude and he immediately fell in love with her solely because of her beauty.Soon he pointed Quasimodo,a hunchbacked bell ringer of Notre Dame,to rob Esmeralda for him,When Quasimodo was flogged in the courts,everyone thought low of him except Esmeralda.Not only did she forgive him for his robbing her but she gave water to him.Therefore Quasimodo fell in love with Esmeralda,but later Esmeralda was madly in love with Phoebus,which envied Claude greatly.He murdered Phoebus secretly and Esmeralda was put into prison for that,It was Quasimodo that rescued Esmeralda from the prison.When in the end,Esmeralda was killed by Claude,Quasimodo pushed Claude into the ground from the tall building and then committed suicide.
My favorite part:Then he laughed and his laugh was the most heart-rending sound imaginable...he watched her carefully while she was speaking and then answer:”you ask why I save have forgotten that I attacked you one night.then you nest day you came to help me.A drop of water and little pity,that’s more than I could repay with my life.”A tear came to the bell-ring’s eye.
Reasons:The sentenced quote after Quasimodo saved Esmeralda.Though Quasimodo’s words are very simply,we can also figure out his feeling.All the people are hate and regard him as joke except Esmeralda.He love her because she is the only one whom really gave him warm ever.
Analysis and Evaluation:The entire story rich tragic color,the plot intense is moving,exciting.And tells a tragic story which involved in love,lies,fate,selfish,desire and so on.The people in this novel always behave very different to other’s tragic fate,in turn,they regard it as a kind of jokes.From this point,we can also feel the atmosphere of the society at that time.
My impression:frist of all,a person’s appearance does not decide everything,Heart than appearance before playing a more important role.
Secondly,people live in the world,there must be a positive life ideals,goals,not yielding to abandoned,at that time,should have human dignity,to clear its mandate.Can not indulge themselves were the responsibility of the dirty soul.finally,we learn to cherish the feelings between people:family,friendship...respect everyone around,and so do not let these wonderful life after the passing away of the bright spots regret.…...

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