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Marketing and Rebranding
Like all other organizations within the health care industry, Novant Health has taken great strides in marketing their company. Novant Health promotes their business through the usage of billboards, television commercials, newpaper articles and ads, magazine ads, brochures, as well as public events and initiatives. Because of such great strides, in 2009, Presbyterian Healthcare, Novant Health, and ABZ Design Group were nationally recognized for advertising and marketing excellence in the 26th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report. Of the awards, the organization brought home Best of Show, four Gold, four Silver, one Bronze, and seven Merit awards (ABZ, 2009).
Billboards and Television Commercials
Locally, you can find Novant Health Billboards on Interstate 40 going both east and west bound, as well as in and around the metropolitan areas of Winston-Salem and Charlotte. When it comes to television commercials, Novant Health has a broad range of topics that each commercial covers. Recently, Novant Health showcased their extended office hours, convenient locations, and their new video doctor visits within their commercials. One in particular featured former NBA star Michael Jordan. Video Doctor Visits
The Video Visits program is the latest of the series of initiatives that Novant Health has used to embrace technology and offer their patients and alternative to the usual face to face doctor visits. In addition to the Video Visits program, Novant has developed their MyChart tool which eliminates paper records and allows health care professionals to keep digital records and also gives patients access to their own medical records. Video Visits is basically a program where patients can communicate with their physician via webcam. Video Visits are secure and adhere to HIPPA…...

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