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Nt1330 Client Server Ii

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Claudine Estes
7144 Olive St
Kansas City, MO 64132
(913) 265-0362 Professional Experience

10/2010 – Present
Office Administrator
Devon’s Cleaning Service KC
2723 E 114th St #1309, Kansas City, MO

* Maintain a presentable, welcoming office environment including the lobby, conference rooms * Ensure that all client and vendor meetings are handled professionally, including set up and clean up * Proficient with the office technology in order to assist staff in meetings, and conference calls * Answer telephone, direct, screen calls, taking and relaying messages * Provide information to callers, greet clients and escort individuals to correct destination * Provide general clerical and administrative support to all levels of professionals * Schedule appointments, organize meetings, maintain appointment diary either electronically or manually * Prepare letters and documents, receiving and sorting out e-mail and deliveries * Ensure that common areas in office premises are equipped with required office supplies as appropriate * Monitor the use of equipment and supplies within the office.

6/2014 – 7/2015
Mail Insert Machine Operator
Pitney Bowes
6301 Equitable Rd, Kansas City, MO 64120

Job duties * Ensured that the mail is reviewed for proper date, postage, and good quality barcodes prior to being placed in the appropriate mail trays by verifying the zip codes on the mail match the mail trays properly * Checked for presort endorsement on the mail * Ensured that finished mail is organized neatly and placed right side up facing forward * Communicated errors found in the mail to operator or supervisor to prevent re-work of mail * Ensured postage metered rejects separated by postage rate and mail separated by specific jobs * Removed mail piece jams from machine by pulling mail backward and upward to…...

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... Client/Server Analysis: Project Part 2 Paul Elander ITT Technical Institute Professor Alan Stern Client-Server Networking I 5/21/2014 Upon further review of the client, Home Hospice Care (HHC), the options for upgrading to a new Windows operating is feasible but with limitations. Windows 7 Ultimate would be the preferred edition to install. Choosing Windows 7 Ultimate as the preferred operating system has all the features of Windows 7 Professional but has many more available extras which may prove valuable to Home Hospice Care’s infrastructure. This edition provides more flexibility and stability within their network and offers more capabilities than the Professional Edition. Unfortunately, Home Hospice Care does not qualify for Windows 7 Enterprise Edition. With features like Encrypting File System (EFS), Server Domain Joining, Software Restriction Policies, and many more features which adds security and helps to simplify the IT administrative tasks. When upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows XP, the process is simple: Wipe-and-Load installation. I had chosen to incorporate eleven (11) workstations at the Home Hospice Care’s facility. The workstations’ will be located at central or key points within the company’s infrastructure and positioned within specific offices. The first workstation will be located at the receptionist’s desk and have the computer name: REC1 (allowing for expandability if the company adds another receptionist in the future). Workstations two (2)......

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