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Neighborhood News for Season 1
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HCS 408
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May 9, 2016

"Officials confirm pollution worries" (Episode 3) This article dealt with the pollution of water system and the mayors understanding a corrective action plan is needed to address this issue. The wellbeing of the community is being affected when a water crisis occurs, because other disease can brew during the process or not rectified early. This current mimics a current situation in Flint, Michigan during April of 2014, and was based on saving money and in the process affected families, schools and the environment. “The change in source water severed a half century relationship with the Detroit Water and Sewage Department. Shortly after the switch to Flint River water, residents voiced concerns regarding water color, taste, and odor, and various health complaints including skin rashes, bacteria, including Escherichia coli, were detected in the distribution system, resulting in Safe Drinking Water Act violations.2 Additional disinfection to control bacteria spurred formation of disinfection by products including total trihalomethanes, resulting in Safe Drinking Water Act violations for trihalomethane levels (Hanna-Attisha & et al ,2016).

"Hotline puts family at ease" (Episode 4)
The implementation of a 1-800-POISON hotline is need for safety is a public concern within a every community. The availability of a 24hr x 7 days a week service is not only beneficial to the individual person, but as well to financial burden it carries from unnecessary hospital bill, according to Dr Sibray and eases the mind of parents. President George W. Bush, made it a national week to observe National Poison Prevention week from March 21-27th and the need to stay educated on safety and emergency preparedness. However President Bill Clinton was abreast of the need prior to President Bush, in February 2000 when he signed a bill to aide families in obtaining vital information about poison control. “Each year, more than 2 million poisonings are reported to the Nation's poison control centers, and more than half of the victims are young children. The Poison Control Center Enhancement and Awareness Act authorizes $140 million over the next 5 years to fund the Nation's poison control centers, carry out a national media campaign, and establish a national toll-free telephone poison control hotline to give callers immediate information if there is an accident in the home. This new funding will help provide vital resources and information to inform the public about poison control and assist parents in protecting the health and safety of their children (Clinton, 2000)”.

ED sees critical capacities" (Episode 7) The over utilization of emergency room discussed in this article and has a resound familiarity to what was occurring in NYC ER 20 years ago. Dr Gordon made a valid point the key ingredient is related to lower income individuals and lack of education about proper access to healthcare cause a burden in the ED. This issue is a community related because it corresponds to where the person resides. The sigma for low socioeconomic individual is hard to overcome when the finger is being pointed at you as being the problem. “A recent report by the Institute of Medicine stated that ER costs for treating minor problems are estimated to be 2 to 5 times higher than comparable treatment in a typical office visit. Frequent users are associated with complex sociocultural and psychological factors, chronic conditions, are older and black and who received care from a hospital in a predominantly minority neighborhood (Navratil-Strawn & et al, 2014)”.

"Smoking breaks a thing of the past?" (Episode 9) This article made a valid point, and it had me second guessing the right of employer to govern what an employee does on a break or their day off. The answer seems to always go in the direction of health cost management. The concern regarding second hand smoke is real and affects the community however; it’s also a public health issue. The infringement on workers right cannot over burden and person in a public space. “If it is acceptable for employers to ban off-duty smoking because it increases costs, it is equally acceptable for employers to control all of these other types of behavior. The more we learn about the relationships between behavior and health, the more we realize that everything we do in our private lives affects our health. If employers are permitted to control private behavior when it is related to health, virtually every aspect of our private lives is subject to employer control (Maltby, 2008)”.

"Flu deaths expected to rise" (Episode 11)
This article provides information for the public and educates them on why it is imperative they obtain the flu vaccine. Most state health department stress the importance each season and why the most susceptible individuals should take the shot. The possibility of death can be reduce for the chronically ill and elderly. The World Health Organization makes recommendation and monitors the outbreaks. According to WHO (2015) Influenza A(H3N2) activity was generally moderate to high in the Americas, and the widespread outbreaks were reported by the United States of America in February while widespread and regional outbreaks occurred in some central and South American countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador and Paraguay from May or June onwards. Two cases of A(H1N1), one being fatal, and 2 cases of A(H3N2) were reported in the United States of America.


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• Recommended composition of influenza virus vaccines for use in the 2016 southern hemisphere influenza season. (2015). Weekly Epidemiological Record, 90(41), 545-558.…...

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