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Nursing and Health Care Systems

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Nursing care is a vital part of the health care system, in the United States there is a nursing shortage and the crisis level are characterized by critical shortages of highly trained nurses and nursing faculty. In recent projection in, the United States, the gap between supply and demand of qualified nurses is expected to widen to over 1 million nurses by 2020 (Somers, Finch, Birnbaum, 2010). These problems have been exacerbated by the growth in population, comparatively high level of career change to areas outside of nursing. In the hospital, I work many nurses transfer to a department that takes them from direct patient care some do recruitment some teaches in Organizational Development Department, and I even seem a nurse who transferred to a unit secretary because of stress. The consideration of the nursing workforce that is approaching retirement and the level of training that practice nurses have (Practice Nurse, 2012), as long as the aging population continues to grow more nursing care will be required. With the shortage of nursing the demand for nursing care will increase.

Ageing workforce sparks fears for future of practice nursing. (2012). Practice Nurse, 42(19), 7. Retrieved from
Somers, M., Finch, L., & Birnbaum, D. (2010). Marketing Nursing as a Profession: Integrated Marketing Strategies to Address the Nursing Shortage. Health Marketing Quarterly, 27(3), 291-306. Retrieved from…...

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