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Observable Artifacts

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The physical manifestations of an organization are called Artifacts. They include factors such are dressing codes, awards, myths, rituals, decorations, flags and stories. The United States of America is said to be “The land of the free” and “The home of the brave”. America is also described as a place that is highly decorated with purple mountains and majesties. These two images are just a few of the many images that are celebrated within the United States. Recruiting and migration are two ways that culture is born. American culture has also evolved in many ways. Today American culture is still evolving. Religion, ethnicity, and politics are just a few ways culture has also evolved. Traditionally, the United States was considered a Western Culture that consists of an Anglo majority which prevails politically and economically. The United Stated is chiefly based of British culture. Its influences derive from Europe, the indigenous peoples, African Americans, and Asian Americans. Because of the enormity of United States culture, there are many integrated and exclusive subcultures that exist. There are two prominent artifacts that dominate American culture, the symbols are, the Bald Eagle and the red, white and blue flag. Associated with American culture are espoused values. Espoused values is the diversity that people share such as; strategies, goals and philosophies. America is the “land of opportunity” and for this reason, many have migrated to America and are motivated to seek out a better life. Their customs and espoused values are factored into why there are so many sub cultural influences in the United States. Americans in the earlier generations with ethnocentric ideas established their communities throughout the United States. Those who have migrated have settled into regions that are similar to their ethnicity and…...

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