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Q-Q Food Retail Sdn Bhd is selling the Dried Meat product in Malaysia. Brand of this company is called “Oloiya”. It is the first selling dried meat products in Asia. The company total has 30 stores in Nationwide. Q-Q Food Retail Sdn Bhd only had 6 stores are under the company name, and other is the agents. Q-Q Foods Retail Sdn Bhd highest sales in period
Chinese New Year. The companies also have other product such as Meat Floss Bread and
Local Deli.
The vision of this company “To spread the heritage of giving, receiving and enjoying dried meat by making our products and services available in every Chinatown in the world.”
This company had 2 missions. The first mission, to seriously improving the quality of our products and services through innovation. The second, to train our staff to work and serve with the heart so our consumers are satisfied with every encounter they have with the Oloiya brand.

Other of the mission and vision, the belief of this company is Heritage, Innovation, and
Sharing. Based on this belief the company has a charity organization, KCK Shares to involve in charity work.

PEST Analysis
Political Consideration of the Oloiya is based on Malaysia Legal and tradition pig is
Non-Halal food, since the company cannot get the profit on Malay race and QQFR have to try to do export sales to overseas, but has the legal problem the company had to abandon the idea.
In taxation, income tax will deduct on the profit since the company will get less profit on the total sales. Other of income tax, Goods and Services Tax is the way to losses the profit and a reason to drop down the sales because the GST rate is 6%, its mean the buyer will pay more
6% on the goods. However, the company absorbs the GST, but in the human opinion, the price of the product increases.

Secondly, In Economic Consideration, labor costs are higher than material cost,

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