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In today’s era that is filled with competition and intense rivalry in the acquisition and retention of consumers for retail products, Internet market and e-commerce related trading has become a major issue for modern retailers. With the emergence of new technologies for information transfer, the Internet has thus been positioned as a new end frontier towards customer acquisition and retention through the management of the relationship that exist between the customers and the retailers. Little known empirical research has been carried out on the management of these ecommerce facilities in the acquisition and retention of customers within the clothing industries or at particular stores. With the clothing channel being the highest channel within the e-commerce catalogue, it not surprising that there is an increase in the use of the Internet to market and sell clothes online. This project is designed to explore the implementation of an online clothing line website, where customers have the capability of shopping for the clothing apparels that best suits their fancy, stocking them up in virtual shopping cart, paying for them through available online payment systems and having them delivered to their locations using their preferred delivery systems. It discusses the key project management steps that are involved in the successful implementation of such a project, together with detail design and system specifications for the development and installation of the project.

Table of Contents
PHASE ONE: REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS 4 Introduction 4 Requirements Analysis 5 Objectives 7 Requirements 8 Constraints 9 Description of the Proposed System 10 Logical model design 11
PHASE TWO: SYSTEM AND DATABASE DESIGN 12 User Interface Design 12 Data Design 14 Customer 14

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