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Operation Improvement Plan

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Operations Improvement Plan



Strategic Operations Management


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This operation improvement plan is to help improve the internal communication process at Toyota between their employees and management. There has been a loss of ideas and knowledge, which is a complete violation of their founding principles defined in the Toyota Way. With the suggested recommendations, Toyota can once again reclaim its dominance in the world automobile market while at the same time improving their operational efficiency and quality.

Table of Contents

Title Page 1

Abstract 2

Table of Contents 3

Executive Summary 4

Toyota Overview 5

Toyota’s Key Challenges 5

Cost-Benefits Summary 7

Analysis of Data and Findings 8

Summary of Recommendations 11

Conclusion 11

References 13

Appendix A 14

Appendix B 15

Appendix C 16

Appendix D 17

Appendix E 18

Appendix F 19

Executive Summary

The Toyota Motor Corporation has experienced numerous setbacks the past decade including lawsuits, damaged corporate reputation and eroding consumer confidence. Although many different processes can be to blame for this, ultimately it is Toyota’s upper management that has to be held accountable for the decisions made. One of the contributing factors to these poor decisions is the breakdown in the concept of continuous improvement due ideas and knowledge shared by employees not being embraced by management. This is a violation of the Toyota Way and Toyota needs to return to their roots. Data around Toyota’s employees has been collected to support the fact that internally Toyota treats its employees’ average compared to other global…...

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