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Oracle Erp Ap Interview Guide

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Oracle Account Payable Interview Guide

What are the mandatory steps for Payable module before entering transactions?

Create application user sign–ons and passwords.
Define your chart of accounts.
Define your accounting period types and accounting calendar periods.
Define a set of books. Specify a set of books name and assign it a calendar, functional currency, and a chart of accounts structure.
After choosing your set of books, use the Application Developer responsibility to set the GL Set of Books ID profile option to Updateable.
After choosing your set of books, use the System Administrator responsibility to set the GL Set of books Name profile option. If you are not using multiple organizations feature, set the option for the Oracle Payables application. If you are using multiple organizations feature, set the option for each unique combination of organization and responsibility.
Define Payables Lookups.
Define Purchasing Lookups.
Enter locations.
Enter employees. If you have Oracle Human Resources installed, use the People window. See: Entering a New Person (Managing People Using Oracle HRMS). If you do not have Oracle Human Resources installed, use the Enter Person window.
If Oracle Inventory or Oracle Purchasing is installed, you must define at least one Inventory Organization before defining Financials Options.
Define payment programs.
Install or upgrade Payables.
Select your primary set of books.
Use the System Administrator responsibility to assign your set of books to a responsibility.
Define Financials options.
Define Payables options.
Define your payment terms.
If you plan to use automatic withholding tax, define Tax Authority type suppliers. You must do this before defining tax codes and tax groups.
Define bank accounts.
Define Suppliers.
Open your Payables accounting period.…...

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