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Section 2
A) Explain the importance of organizational culture to IBM and suggest an example of where both share values and taken for granted assumptions contribute to the continued success of IBM.

B) Using a recognized theoretical model, identify and justify the organizational culture of IBM and assess how this shapes current management approaches.

C) To reflect the changing environments within which IBM operates, suggest a possible alternative organizational culture for the company and assess the impact this change in culture would have upon managerial approach.

D) Using a recognized framework, assess the important of the relationship of the relationship between organizational culture and organizational behavior.

Section 3 A) Explain four business strategies in relation to the appropriate business environment.

B) Explain the main differences and working relationship between business strategy and strategic choice within IBM.

C) Suggest two different business strategies within IBM and compare their influence over organizational behavior.

D) Discuss two example of why IBM must consider forces for change when managing its business strategy and two examples of forces for change when updating its business strategy.

E) Explain four potential benefits that IBM could enjoy as a result of an effective business strategy.

Section 4 A) Analyze the role of management within IBM during a change in strategy after Louise V. Gerstner, Jr. became CEO.

B)explain the possible impact of two competing influence upon any change management programmer within IBM after Louise V. Gerstner, Jr. became CEO.

C)Using a recognized model, analyze changes that have, or could occur, within IBM after Louise V. Gerstner, Jr. became CEO.

D) With reference to an established conceptual framework, suggest how the management of IBM may minimize and overcome resistance to any…...

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