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Paper Based process
Enterprise based process

Prepaid by: Mazin Abdul-raheem al-helly
Submitting to: Mr.Adnan

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This report is giving to us as a lab exercise no.2 for MIS 445.
In MIS 445, we are studying the management of business processes to understand how different activities are being performed in an organization.
For this a comparative study of paper based system against ES system is being undertaken.
In this report we develop the diagrams of two process the benefits of other

2- a- Diagram of paper based process

b- Disadvantages of paper based process * Too much paper work, many documents are created to capture and transfer data/information. * Due to paper work there is always a chance of incorrect capturing of data and mistakes. * Requires physical transfer of data, through sending documents to other departments. * Redundancy/duplication of data at several places. * Analysis of information and it’s reporting is laborious hectic and might not be accurate. * Delays, all the tasks in a paper based environment takes longer time, causing waste of resources as well.

c- Diagram of Enterprise based process

d- Benefits of ES process * Based on common, shared database, can be used across the whole organization. * Minimum of paper work * Easier input, and access to Data/information. * Easier analysis and reporting * Minimize data entry/transfer error. * Minimize time * No redundancy of data, No data conflicts * Integration of business functions and processes

From the basic thing in the report is you have to summaries the work, also study the diagram to find out what is the disadvantages of paper based process and what are the benefits of ES Process
The result would be that ES based processes are more…...

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