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Our Lady of Fatima

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IV- Our Lady of Fatima

Values Education

September 16, 2012


The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

Priest and believers during their time were put into jail. Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco saw a beautiful lady on the tree surrounded by clouds. She was sent down from heaven. At first, Francisco couldn’t see or hear the lady but he was asked to say the rosary and so he did. They agreed to offer themselves to God and endure all the sufferings for all those who have sinned. The lady said to them, “Say the rosary everyday to obtain peace for the world and to end the war.” But some people won’t believe them.

In school we are asked to say the Holy Rosary and that was not meant for nothing. Through saying the rosary, our Lady keeps us closer to God. She bridges us to Him and we ask her to pray for us. Many people would think as if it is weird, some may believe and some may not, but only those who believe will see her and through praying the Holy Rosary we will be able to communicate with her and to God as well. If we offer a rosary then maybe we could still obtain peace in the world where there is full of chaos, crimes, and corruption. We could do something in our own little ways to stop this. If people would open their eyes, ear, and heart we would be able to see our Lady too. We would find peace in our hearts and to the whole world. If we offer ourselves to God we must endure the sufferings for those who have sinned. But that doesn’t mean God would abandon us, God will forever be merciful and will protect and guide us.

As a Dominican student, we have to take part of the great responsibility our Lady has given to us and that is to say the Holy Rosary and to teach others too. And that is what we do during our DCOM, we teach children to say the Rosary. We may be young, but by praying the rosary we can already take part in making the world a better one, a world full of peace.…...

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