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Outdoor Adventure
Fall Semester

Tee Pee Shuffle
Object: Students stand on a log or confined surface and must arrange themselves in the given order while staying entirely in that confined area.
Orders: Birthday, height, age, sign, clothes, eye color, sex (boy-girl-boy-girl), etc.
Extensions up: Must completely start over if someone falls, can’t talk, can’t go over people.
Extensions down: Only the person that fell must go back, students can talk

Picture Frame
Object: Students stand on a log in a square shape or confined surface and must arrange themselves in the given order while staying entirely in that confined area.
Orders: Birthday, height, age, sign, clothes, eye color, sex (boy-girl-boy-girl), etc.
Extensions up: Must completely start over if someone falls, can’t talk, can’t go over people.
Extensions down: Only the person that fell must go back, students can talk

Lord of the Rings
Object: Students must walk on a wire from their tree to the tree across from them. There are any amount of trees and the wires converge on a ring in the center. There is a rope from one tree to another not across from it.
Extensions up: Must completely start over if someone falls, can’t talk, must go back to starting tree when they fall, can’t go back once they make it across
Extensions down: Only the person that fell must go back, students can talk, can come back and help once across, give them a pole, only need to go to the center.

Whale Watch
Object: Students stand on a platform teetering on a log. Get everyone on and off without it touching the ground. Get everyone on it to show them it can be done.
Extensions up: Must completely start over if it touches, can’t talk.
Extensions down: Students can talk, get certain # of touches before they must start over, just need to get on or off.

Mohawk Walk
Object: Students must move the entire team across the tight ropes.
Items: Rope, pole
Extensions up: Must completely start over if someone falls, fewer checkpoints, can’t pass pole back, can’t pass rope back
Extensions down: Only the person that fell must go back, more checkpoints, can pass the pole back, can pass the rope back, can help from ground

Spider’s Web
Object: Students must go through different sized holes without touching the wires.
Extensions up: Must completely start over if someone touches, can’t go through same hole twice, go through and back.
Extensions down: Only the person that touched must go back, certain # of touches, only need to go through once, can pick # of holes to re-use.

The Wall
Object: Students must get up the wall. Always have someone up top for safety
Extensions up: Can’t support once over the wall
Extensions down: Dangle a rope, something to stand on, everyone can help, certain # need to go up, shorter wall

Cat Walk
Object: Two students must start at opposite ends of a log that stretches across two trees and get to the other side without falling.
Extensions up: Must switch at specific point, thinner log
Extensions down: Give ropes, bigger log, shorter log, one person, flat surface

Two Ships Crossing
Object: Two students must start at opposite ends of a wire that stretches across two trees and get to the other side without falling.
Items: Ropes
Extensions up: Longer wire, one rope
Extensions down: Longer ropes, shorter wire, bigger surface

Dangle Duo
Object: Two students must start at base of a ladder of logs dangling horizontally at different distances.
Extensions up: Blindfolded, can’t grab harness
Extensions down: Give ropes, shorter distance between logs, must get to certain height, three people

Voyager Crossing
Object: Student must go from platform to platform while team swings them along
Extensions up: Swing selves, one person per platform, smaller platforms, greater distance
Extensions down: bigger platforms, stable platforms, shorter distance between

Pamper Pole
Object: Student must climb a pole, then jump from the pole to a trapeze about 6 feet away.
Extensions up: Greater distance, thinner log
Extensions down: Shorter distance, thicker log, something to hold on to at the top…...

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