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Lab Assessment Questions & Answers lab #8 1. What are some common risks, threats, and vulnerabilities commonly found in the Remote Access
Domain that must be mitigated through a layered security strategy?

2. What default configuration should be placed on host-based firewalls when accessing the network remotely? 3. What risks, threats, and vulnerabilities are introduced by implementing a Remote Access Server?

4. What is a recommended best practice when implementing a Remote Access Policy server user authentication service?

5. What is a Remediation LAN?

6. Explain the concept of a Remediation Server and traffic separation as it relates to remote access.

7. What is a VPN? Distinguish between VPN server, VPN client, VPN router, and SSL VPNS.

8. What is the difference between a tunnel-mode VPN and a split-tunneling VPN?

9. According to the Remote Access Policy STIG are personally owned devices considered acceptable to perform privileged (administrative) tasks on a DoD network?

10. When connected to a public network or shared public Internet access point, what are some precautions that remote users should take to ensure confidentiality of communications?

11. What are the three types of remote access users as defined by the DoD in the Secure Remote
Computing STIG v2r5? 12. What are the additional elements required of a network architecture if the enclave is to support remote access through the public Internet?

13. Name three security best practices for mobile workers as defined in the Secure Remote Computing

14. True or False. A Thin Client is a pc or laptop without a hard drive or storage space.

15. What are the five elements of a Remote Access Security Readiness…...

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