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P1 – Identify How Two Organisations Plan Recruitment Using Internal and External Sources. in This Assignment I Will Be Investigating Recruitment Planning in Two Big Organisation.

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Recruitment and selection in business

P1 – Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources.
In this assignment I will be investigating recruitment planning in two big organisation.
House of Fraser (HOF)
House of Fraser is a British, national organisation within the competitive retail industry. The company sells a variety of products under 5 main departments from Men’s shoes to Furniture to Beauty and electrical. House of Fraser also have their own Wedding list and buy and collect scheme, so people can order online and collect it at the store when the delivery arrives at the store. House of Frazer is a department store group with over 60 stores across United Kingdom and Ireland. And was established in Glasgow, Scotland in 1849.

Reasons why vacancies become available at House of Fraser
At House of Frazier give a good working environment for their employees. Currently employed 5,000 HOF employees’ staff and 13,000 concession staff. However it occurs that employees leave for reasons such as * Maternity leave would require a temporary employee to cover the position of the women until the member of staff is available to work again. * If there was a long term illness and would require the person to leave work for a period of time, there will need to be a temporary worker appointed to cover for the worker until the member of staff is able to work again. * Termination in the contract would lead to a vacancy becoming available as this member will not be working in that position anymore. * A transfer would require that employee to work at a different House of Fraser retail shop, and because of that a permanent position will become available for a new member of staff. * Another reason why is because of retirement, and this would require an employee to be recruited…...

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