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In this assignment I am going to identify the characteristics of nutrients and explain what their benefits are to the human body, and furthermore I will also be assessing the similarities and the differences in both the nutritional and energy requirements for two groups of individuals.

Our bodies in order to function correctly need six main nutrients which are; Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Minerals, Vitamins, Water. All six of these keep the body’s natural defences up and allow for new healthy cells to be created replacing old cells.

These are the body’s main source of energy because when a carbohydrate enters the human body we break them down in our stomach, which then gets broken down further into sugars such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, and lastly lactose.
Although other complex carbohydrates that are high in starch, contains a lot of sugars although the sugar molecules are joined together.

As well as carbohydrates providing our bodies with energy from the glucose broken down within our bodies, carbs also protect your muscles because when the body needs energy we would normally start to break down glucose for the process, although should no glucose be available the body won’t start to break down muscles it will look for glucose from the other carbohydrates in the system first.

These can be known as the hard working cells because within our body proteins are very important, complex molecules that have many different critical roles and jobs within the body and the cells we develop.

Protein is what creates the very structure of the body tissues like our muscles and our organs, although protein is also what allows these to function correctly by making sure that where cells have died off or been damaged that they are replaced with new healthy cells.

A single protein is made up of over hundreds and…...

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