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Parental Licensing

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Humans must take responsibility. In this day and age, procreating without responsibility is by far one of the most dangerous downfalls of the human race. Taking care of a child is a massive responsibility and requires a lot of patience. In life, parenting is deemed as one of the most demanding along with challenging jobs out there. It is very difficult to quit and also very easy to get. Being a parent is a job that you can’t bow out of and you get absolutely no pay for it. A lot of people, if not, most are poorly prepared to take on the role of being a parent. Imposing parenting licenses could develop into a great turn around in the parenting society.
Licenses are issued and widely needed for many different things such as serving liquor, driving, hunting and even to go fishing! [1] Issuing a parenting license not only makes one accountable for his/her own actions but it also makes one think about the long run and what they are truly getting themselves into. If a person wants a child bad enough then why not go through the paces? Children should be treated with the up-most care because after all; they are the leaders of the future.
Taking strict measurements on people who chose to have kids will help lessen the amount of child neglect. There are many children that are abused and neglected while other children are stuck living a miserable lifestyle in orphanages with no families to show them how it truly feels to be loved and nurtured. [2] Unwanted kids have a tendency to grow susceptible to cruel treatment and therefore learn and grow under abuse. In other words; they become future abusers. According to Convention on the Rights of the Child published by the United Nations “1 in 135 children aged 0-17 years are victims of abuse or neglect. Around 5,000 of these children are placed in foster care”. [3] By passing a law stating that parenting licenses should be issued we are insuring that the number of children that are getting abused whether it may be mentally, physically or even sexually will drastically decrease over time.
Human race should take on the full responsibility on its acts, procreation included! In the United States of America, the question that most parents face is whether or not they have the ability to support themselves while working a minimum wage job. [4] Often times, their annual salary lies above the poverty line. But, this applies to the parents supporting only themselves; not the child that they give life to. Balancing income is a very difficult task to achieve if you don’t receive an adequate amount of income. Parents should at least be able to afford basic future expected bills such as medical and dental liabilities, school tuition, family nutrition, hygiene, etc. As a result of this they reach out to the government and expect the government to help in the making of supporting their child or children that they couldn’t afford. Imposing parenting licenses could monitor this inability. The way this can be enforced may be through some sort of a contract that carries out with financial investigations. If a couple does not qualify then they forfeit the help of the government and therefore receive no welfare. Babies that are born addicted to drugs due to the mother taking drugs while pregnant are extremely likely to develop mental, behavioral and physical problems such as learning disabilities, autism or even deformation. It is extremely prevalent in our society to hear of teenagers committing crimes; some more serious than others. Many of these crimes start right at the root; home. [5] How many instances have there been where in court the defense of teenage criminals start along the lines of “their father/mother was a common cocaine user and barely ever noticed his/her children”. If you had the choice would you allow a meth addict to become a parent? What about a convicted parent? Maybe even someone with early onset dementia? A license will help identify, reduce and eventually stop these types of high risk and unfit people from becoming parents. If there is no genuine commitment on the part of parents to breed the best humans’ they can, then they should not be allowed to breed. Enforcing parenting licenses controls the quality and quantity of the population. Overpopulation is slowly causing deterioration and the vanishing of the earth’s natural resources. Sometimes the conditions within a country aren’t good enough to even survive, much less lead a decent lifestyle. With all of us on the planet trying to flourish and make a better place, we cannot allow unwanted or tortured children to come to be.…...

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