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Our long-standing tradition of excellence, integrity, and innovation towards providing quality products and services was firmly established by ISOSCELES S. PASCUAL and LEONORA F. PASCUAL, since the company’s founding in 1946. It is a tradition that carries on, evidenced in part by the ISO9001:2000 and CGMP certification of our manufacturing plant located in Balagtas, Bulacan.
Today, Pascuallab is a family of over 600 passionate employees operating under the leadership of DR. ABRAHAM F. PASCUAL (Chairman Emeritus) and MANUEL J. SALAZAR (Chairman of the Board/President/CEO), supported by a team of professional managers and 3rd Generation Pascual family members.
While Pascuallab has shown aggressive growth and solid performance consistently over the last few years, our primary focus remains the well-being of our consumers.
We believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence. To us at Pascuallab, this can only be achieved when we are able to bring our PASSION FOR HEALTH and LOVE FOR LIFE to everyone.

1950’s: Growing the Business 1. Pascual Laboratories made its first home in Balut Island, Tondo, Manila. 2. 1954: Modernization of the Plant 3. Product line expansion to include antibiotics and cardio-vascular medicines

1960's: Sustaining the Growth 1. Formation of strategic partnerships with foreign-based principals 2. Change from single proprietorship to corporation 3. Formation of marketing divisions: sales, promotions, distributions 4. Strengthening of Product Research and Development Division

1970's: A Time of Crisis (Martial Law) 1. Transfer of facilities: manufacturing plant from Tondo to Bulacan; head office was moved to EDSA 2. Devolved marketing and distribution to Pharex 3. Pursuit of licensing agreements

1980's: Dawn of a New Day 1. Major Reorganization: Metro Drug- Product…...

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