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April 14, 2016
MKTG 3010-004
Pasqualina MMP
Pasqualina Frozen Food Company provides families with children ages 8-14 with quick and easy meals for the household who are on the go. We do this by delivering excellent expectations, making gourmet food the way you like it, and providing happiness during dinner time.
Identified Target Market for Il Pizzaiolo’s Calzones
Pasqua’s frozen calzones are made for married or single working parents who have younger children ages 8-14 who are always on the go. The parents of families that work long hours of the day and do not have enough time to prepare dinner, may be interested in our gourmet foods. If the children in the household are always busy with extra-curricular actives such as sports and/or after school programs, they may need a fast and easy meal to prepare. The gourmet stuffed pizza is a perfect example of a delicious, easily prepared meal for the family who lives an actively busy lifestyle.
Introducing the Il Pizzaiolo’s Calzones product
Our products provide customers with quick and easy meals that taste as though they were freshly made right inside of their kitchen. Pasqualina’s new product Il Pizzaiolo’s Calzone will be packaged inside of a parsley green box, white writing, and of course our very own calzone centered directly in the middle to make you feel as though you are right in Italy. Il Pizzaiolo’s Calzones are made in a variety of different flavors such as, goat cheese and portabella mushrooms, classic pepperoni, and also meat lovers and mozzarella. Our customer’s experience with our calzones and pizzas are nothing but satisfying and what else could be more satisfying then helping out a new product from your favorite pizza company?
Placing the Il Pizzaiolo’s Calzones
Nashville families who are interested in our products will need to look in a local or major grocery store around the metropolitan area. Pasqualina Frozen Pizza Company will need to be a business to business distributor before becoming a business to customer distributor. Therefore, the pizza company will need to produce their products in their factory and sell it for a profit to local and major supermarkets in Nashville. Since this a product extension through Pasqua’s pizzas, we need to attend trade fairs so that other industry partners can observe our product and then meet with other producers and customers to sell our calzones in their grocery stores.
Price the Il Pizzaiolo’s Calzones The customer value for the Il Pizzaiolo’s Calzones is affordable pricing and a fulfilling taste for their meal expectations. The established price point for a box of two calzones, in store, will be about $11.98. However, if the price is not pleasing to our customers, Pasqualina is more than willing to decrease the price to $9.95 for a box of two. The price that the company would sell to trade customers will be a wholesale price of $2.99 a box. Most of our competitors are selling one calzone for $6.95 in the stores and if our company decides to decrease it to $9.95 our calzones we will have more of a competitive advantage.

Promoting Il Pizzaiolo’s Calzones
Since Pasqualina Frozen Pizza Company has decided to start selling their calzones in Nashville, our company should advertise the calzones in local supermarket magazines/newspapers, billboards around the city preferably around playgrounds and sports arenas, family friendly radio stations, and TV channels such as Nickelodeon, Disney, and local channels. Another way that would promote our calzones is by giving out samples to buyers at supermarkets and then by giving them a 10% off coupon. Our competitors are promoting their calzones by having monthly promotions on buy one get one half off on products. This influences our decision to place coupons into fliers once a month to be able purchase the calzones at a discount. Lastly, to make sure that our gourmet pizzas are still being sold, we can also offer a coupon to buy a box of calzones and purchase a Pasqua’s pizza for half off.…...

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