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By reading these short articles I learned that how to prioritize projects. However as young professionals, it also can give us some useful insights to learn how to manage our daily work, not just project managers. Because being able to prioritize our work effectively is critical to the success of our project, our company and our career.

As an entry level IT developer I have to face lot of routine works and some walk-in tasks every day. Every task seems ‘top priority’ for me and it always happens that I could be stuck working on tasks that were yesterday’s priorities.

In order to keep myself well organized and rewardingly productive, I always follow the following 5 steps:

1. List all my tasks. I pull together all requests that I had so far in a day without considering their order.

2. Leverage all the tasks and identify urgent vs. important. I look into the list and categorize tasks into time-consume and skills-consume.

3. Assess value. Next I will identify what carries the highest value to my organization. For example, focus on: answering customer support tickets before writing weekly ticket description.

4. Be flexible. Sometimes I have to put the high priority request on hold for managerial review, and start to work on second urgent and median priority request, and it automatically be prioritized on the top.

5. Make balance and learn to choose. Sometimes if I cannot get to everything on my list. I will focus on the most prioritized request and complete by its timeframe, and leave less prioritized request on next day or asking help from…...

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