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Cpl 618 Ramchurn Police Medical Unit Police Department Line Barracks Port Louis

31 December 2012

The Secretary
Errors, Omissions and Anomalies Committee
8th Floor
Emmanuel Anquetil Building
Port Louis


The Police Medical Branch, as per Standing Order 75, comprises of the Head Office at Princess Margaret Hospital (Candos), the Regimental Medical Unit at Special Mobile Force, Vacoas and Police Medical Inspection Room at Line Barracks, Port Louis.

It is under the charge of a Chief Police Medical Officer (CPMO) (new post PRB 2008), one Principal Medical Officer (PPMO) and four Police Medical Officers (PMO) and one Psychologist. One Senior Medical and Health Officer is attached on contract basis to alleviate the workload, for consultation only.

The CPMO is accountable to the Commissioner of Police for proper administration of the service.

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Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Provide Medical Service i.e. consultations and dispensing of medicines to Police Personnel and their families

• Attend to all Medico Legal cases referred to the Police :- Autopsies, Examinations of Victims / Accused in cases of Sexual Assault , Murders etc

• Medical Checkups for new recruits, those proceeding abroad, Divers, Life Savers, those reaching 60 years, Fitness for Candidates referred by the Traffic Unit

• Annual Fitness test for NCG , Police Catering officers, Police Athletes

• Medical Boards

• Attending Courts

• Lectures on Stress Management for Members of the Force Re – Sensitisation…...

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