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Performance Appraisal System and Its Impact on Employee Performance

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Performance Appraisal System & Its Impact on Employee Performance (A Study on AB Bank Limited)


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Newton Deb
BBA (Finance), MBA(Finance)

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Course Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
Year: 2012

Submission Date: 13th December, 2012

Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)
4, Sobahanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1207
Performance Appraisal System
AB Bank Limited,
It’s Impact on Employee Performance.


Supervised By:
Mr. Salahuddin Ahmed
Deputy Director
Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)

Signature of Supervisor

Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)
4, Sobahanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1207

Chapter 1

Background of the Study

1.0 Introduction:

AB Bank Limited is the pioneer in commercial banking under private ownership in Bangladesh. It started functioning as Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd. on 12 April, 1982. ‘To be the trendsetter for innovative banking with excellence and perfection’ was pronounced as the banks vision. Side by side it spoke out about its mission, ‘To be the best performing bank in the country’. Since inception AB Bank Limited has spread over the country through 82 branches at all economically potential locations. ABBL has established a foreign branch in Mumbai, India and a subsidiary finance company in Hong Kong. AB Bank Limited provides all commercial banking services like Current and Savings accounts, fund transfer, and utility bills receiving. In addition it presents a good number of deposit and credit schemes for the clients. All its services are Retail Banking,…...

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