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Personnel Relations

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Source: RESOLVING CONFLICT – With Others and Within Yourself
By Gini Graham Scott, PhD

AIMS AND METHOD: To help you to become more aware of your personal approach to conflict. In this questionnaire you are presented with 12 situations that you are likely to encounter in your personal, professional, or political lives. Each situation has 5 possible responses. Allocate 10 points between each possible response(s), with the highest number of points indicating your strongest response. You can allocate the 10 points as you wish as long as the total for each situation is 10 (so for example, you can allocate 10 points for 1 response and 0 for the rest.)

It might be helpful to keep a single frame of reference in mind when answering these questions (e.g., your experience at work; or at home amongst family, friends and local community; or your involvement with wider issues such as in political organizations. Keep your chosen frame of reference of reference in mind when responding to all the situations. You will find that situations A-F focus on your individual reactions and feelings when faced with conflicts. Situations G-L concentrate more on how you interact in a group setting.

This is not a test, and the survey is helpful to you only in so far as you accurately represent your characteristic responses.

SITUATION A Upon experiencing strong feelings in a conflict situation you would 1 ___ Enjoy the emotional release and exhilaration 2 ___ Enjoy the strategy and challenge the conflict 3 ___ Become serious about how others are feeling and thinking 4 ___ Find it frightening, expecting that someone will get hurt 5 ___ Become convinced that there is nothing you can do to resolve issue Total ___

SITUATION B Consider the following statements and rate them of how characteristic They are of your…...

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