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Persuade Café Memo


TO: Jacqueline Marcus, Christopher O’Conner, and Mark Parsons


DATE: October 4, 2013

SUBJECT: Profit Increase and Cost-Saving Initiatives

In response to what has been discussed about the company’s profitability, the company is not making the profits we would like in having the coffee industry, but Persuade Café does bring a great moral to the company. It will also relieve a lot of stress for our employees because of the friendly environment and satisfied customers. The following are a few ideas and suggestions that I came up with to help increase new customers, retain repeat customers and increase the companies’ profit.
We could also offer membership discount card for loyal customers, since every dollar counts in any business, the discount membership card is an incentive to bring in new customers and keep our current ones. Persuade Café’s customer are always satisfied and can count on us for their fresh brew cup of Joe in the morning or whenever they need that kick. Having a monthly fee of about 30 dollars a month will very will allow them to have one cup of regular fresh brew coffee and 15 percent discount on anything else they buy at Persuade Cafe. This will extremely increase the profit of the company dramatically. This is also going to help our company by having our name out there, more people will know of our T-shirts and online merchandise also. Also, we would be helping the community out by proving a great service because the café is a great place for people to come together for a chat, free Wi-Fi, business meeting or just for a friendly meet up over coffee.
To boost up the morale even more, we should have coffee cup design competitions or even a best T-shirts design competition. We should have it once every 4 months, which would get the departments ready for the competition. We could provide lunch to the department that wins that month. A company fun design competition would benefit the whole company, by involving them with their friends and peers from each department. We could have one every 4 months, for example we could make a theme for every competition month. Like in May it would be a Mother’s day cup and T-shirt design; then give the winning design to one of the customer’s mothers. We could start in January and end in December, with 3 competitions per year.
My last suggestion is to have a coffee tasting once a month; this would allow our customers to taste all of our new and current coffee flavors. The tasting will bring in new customers because once the word spread from our current customers. The tasting will also allow us to sell our coffee by the bag and online because if the tasting is successful then more customers will start buying coffee and merchandise. In return our profit will increase more than 25 percent quarterly and I’m hoping each quarter the sales will keep increasing by 10 to 15 percent.
Thank you for reading my suggestions, I hope you find one you like. In my opinion I think the first suggestion is the best of all and the one that we bring the most profit to the company.

Thank you,
Khanchana Kongbounmee…...

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