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Phys 310 Lab 2

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Name: Robert Bass Date: 01/28/2015

15 questions, 2 points each, 30 points total

1. What is the precision of the vernier caliper?

1 / 20mm = 0.05mm

2. Record your measurements of the outer diameter of the washers in the table below.

| diameter (d outer) | radius (r outer) | measurement #1 | 18.4mm | 9.2mm | measurement #2 | 18.3mm | 9.2mm | measurement #3 | 18.2mm | 9.1mm | measurement #4 | 18.2mm | 9.1mm | measurement #5 | 18.3mm | 9.2mm | average | 18.3mm | 9.16mm |

3. Record your measurements of the inner diameter of the washers in the table below.

| diameter (d inner) | radius (r inner) | measurement #1 | 7.8mm | 3.9mm | measurement #2 | 7.9mm | 3.9mm | measurement #3 | 8.0mm | 4.0mm | measurement #4 | 8.1mm | 4.1mm | measurement #5 | 7.9mm | 3.9mm | average | 7.94mm | 3.96mm |

4. Record your measurements of the thickness of the washers in the table below.

| thickness (t) | measurement #1 | 1.6mm | measurement #2 | 1.6mm | measurement #3 | 1.7mm | measurement #4 | 1.7mm | measurement #5 | 1.7mm | average | 1.66mm |

5. What coin did you choose for the next part of the experiment?

U.S Quarter

6. Record your measurements of the diameter of the coin in the table below.

| diameter (d) | radius (r) | measurement #1 | 24mm | 12mm | measurement #2 | 23.9mm | 12mm | measurement #3 | 23.8mm | 11.9mm | measurement #4 | 23.8mm | 11.9mm | measurement #5 | 24.1mm | 12mm | average | 23.92mm | 11.96mm |

7. Record your measurements of the thickness of the coin in the table below.

| thickness(t) | measurement #1 | 1.5mm | measurement #2 | 1.6mm | measurement #3 | 1.5mm | measurement #4 | 1.5mm | measurement #5 | 1..5mm | average | 1.52mm |

8. Why is it a good idea to average your measurements?

It is good to get a multiple samples to get the most accurate readings as possible.
If you take just one sample your results may not be accurate enough to present.

9. What is the relative precision of your diameter measurements?


10. What is the relative precision of your thickness measurements?


11. Use the averages of your measurements and the coin masses listed in the table in the introduction and calculate the volume and density for the washers and your coin. Record your results in the table below. Be sure to use the appropriate number of significant digits and units (cm3 and g/cm3).

| Washer | Coin | Volume | 27.11822779cm^3 | 57.1164117cm^3 | Density | .0995640283g/cm^3 | 0.0992709421 g/c |

12. How does the density you found for the washers compare with the density of iron? Calculate a percent difference. Is your result reasonable? Explain.

13. How does the density you measured for the coin compare with the density you found in your research? Calculate a percent difference. Is your result reasonable? Explain.

14. How many quarters would be required to make a stack as tall as your height? What would the total mass of such a stack be?

1337 ,7580 g

15. Could you use your caliper to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper? To what precision? To what relative precision? Devise a scheme to measure the average thickness of the pages of a book more precisely than using the caliper on a single sheet. Describe and implement your scheme.

* If a caliper can measure to an accuracy of .01mm then you can multiply the thickness of a single sheet of paper by the number of pages. Then measure the thickness of the covers and add that to your result.

- 0.06mm Single piece of paper
- 0.35mm Front Cover
- 0.42mm Back Cover

Math: 0.06*70(sheets) + 0.35(Front Cover) + 0.42(Back Cover) = 4.97mm…...

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