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The reason I chose pickles is because as you can see, I am extremely in love with pickles! What is a pickle? Well, its any size of cucumber that is preserved in vinegar and brine. That was back then; these days people make their own pickle mix or you can use store bought. Archeologists believed that the ancient Mesopotamians pickled in 2400 BC. Cucumbers were first grown in India and the romans brought them into countries throughout Europe. When the cucumbers were from native, India helped begin a tradition of pickling in Tigris Valley. It is unknown who really developed the original pickle. Fun facts about these lovely pickles! Queen Elizabeth, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams were big fans of pickles! Cleopatra ate pickles because she believed they were one of the things that helped her stay beautiful. Christopher Columbus used pickles to help prevent scurvy amongst the crew. Even George Washington was such a fan that he had a collection of more than 400 varieties of pickles. More facts about these lovely pickles around the world? Americans love dill pickles twice as much as their sweet grandma and an average American eats more than 8 pounds of pickles a year! In America and Canada, people prefer pickles with bumps and warts to those that are made from wartless cucumbers. Also you can hear the crunch of a good pickle at ten paces. More than half or grown cucumbers are made into pickles! Best pickle brands that have been test tasted and ranked. The number one pickle brand is Claussen Kosher Dill Spears. Second best: Mickle’s Pickles, and third best: Vlasic. What types of pickles are there? There is Acidification, Ball Jar, and Banana Pepper. Barrel Fermented, Bread & Butter Pickle, and Brine. The Burr Cucumber, Candied Pickle, Cherry Peppers, Cornichon, and Cuts! How do you make pickles easily? What you’ll need is two pint jars with lid and hand-tightening ring, firm, green, bumpy cucumbers, pickling mix ( I recommend Mrs. Wages Polish Pickle Mix), white vinegar, and a NON - metal pot. First you need to clean and cut your cucumbers. Then add four cups of vinegar in the pot and the pickling mix and stir them together. Bring it to near-boil-just simmering! Fill the jars with your cucumbers and pour the pickling mix in the jars about 1/4-inch to top. Seat lid on top and hand-tighten the ring around them. Add a fresh clean grape leaf to make them crispy! Let it cool to room temperature or about two hours and pop them into the fridge and wait at least 24 hours! Enjoy!…...

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