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Pipe Wiring

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Detailed Project report on Manufacturing/ Fabricating of Steel
Wires & Wire Products











8, Camac Street, Shantiniketan Bldg,
6th Floor, Suite-14, Kolkata-700017
14, Station Road, Lilua, Howrah, West Bengal



Sole proprietorship






Mrs. Kiran Sharma, Proprietor
Mr. Ashish Sharma (CEO)








Manufacturing/Fabricating of Steel Wires & Wire products Bright Annealed Wires
Common Round Wires Nails
Deformed Bars
2100 MT/Annum


Rs. 170.73 Lacs


Rs. 105.00 Lacs


Rs. 65.73 Lacs


Rs. 80.00 Lacs






As it is a New Concern So the Unit is not availing any credit facilities
Type of
Requirement of
(Rs. in Lacs)
Fund Based
Term Loan
Fund Based
Cash Credit



Jagannath Enterprise is primarily a SSI manufacturing unit for various grades of Steel,
Wires and Wire Products. Though the Firm is newly formed but undoubtedly it has got all ingredients for dominating the market with its product and services in the domestic as well as overseas arena. The Firm will earn for itself fame and respect in the wire making business by working with dedication and will certainly grow with consistency.…...

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