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This section contains an overview of the whole project. It contains the name of the firm, its location and size, the descriptive definition of the business, its operation and product lines. It also includes the major assumptions used and summary findings and conclusion on market, technical, financial, socio- economic, and management feasibility of the project. A. NAME OF THE BUSINESS: “PIZZAZZY”
The name was formed due to its root word “pizzazz” meaning appealing and captivating. This embodies our pizza’s qualities. By introducing our very own “Pizzazzy” wrapped around pizza, it unleashes a new variety of scrumptious food to crave for. * Description of the Logo

Figure 1.1 Description of Logo

Business Logo
“Pizzazzy” logo consists of a graphic representation of the product itself. The picture interprets scrumptious pizza wrapped around.

The font for “Pizzazzy Pizza” illustrates ease and as to the hue rendered it gives off insatiable flow of energy. It was partnered with a shadowy light that means branching out, to spread the delight people had experienced. It is because we believe that the product is worthy of everyone’s taste buds.

The green circle signifies prosperity and continuity in terms of satisfying service the business has to offer. Circular image represents ceaselessness of innovation and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, red being the warmest of all colors was chosen for the ribbon to symbolize our warm welcome to our customers and to increase their enthusiasm and interest about our pizza. It was also traced with a touch of yellow to brighten up the mood in each valued customer.

We used these different colors because of their positive energy which we hope will transcend into our business

B. STORE LOCATION * The business is located at 270 Teresa St., Sta. Mesa Manila (beside Networx Computer Shop) near the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Main Campus. * The location is along the Teresa Street because we sought the potential it can unleash due to a lot of people surrounding the vicinity at any time of the day. Moreover, our prospects are mostly students in the said university that can make the business flourish. * Polytechnic University of the Philippines is packed with students in any time of the school day. We believe that there is a enormous opportunity and chance to attract customers within the vicinity of our selected location.

The proposed business goals are: * To increase our market share percentage in five (5) years of existence * To generate profit maximation * To add necessary product lines based on the consistent demand of our customers. * To expand for further branches/franchise nationwide

At least twenty percent (20%) increase in the total investment of the company as well as return of investment to its investors every year to determine the profit of the business.

2. Pizzazzy’s Availablity
Raw materials, vital ingredients and other supplies needed for Pizzazzy is always available in different markets at any season.

3. Uniqueness of the product
The edge of the product is its unique packaging that comes in a wrapped up style. Most of the pizzas are usually prepared in a dough and are served in a flat plating. With our pizza which is shawarma-inspired, pita bread was used and rolled the same way shawarma had been. Pizzazzy also has a wide variety of pizza flavours that are sure to be mouth-watering because of the ingredients, seasonings and different specialized sauces to choose from.


We have come up to use “Pizzazzy” as the name of our business to capture our customer curiosity by using pizzazz, which is the root word of the name which means appealing and captivating. We used this term to show how much eager we are to introduce our product to the market because we are aware deep within us that pizza is undeniably a food to crave for. Even if there are a lot of pizzas emerging in the market, and we want to give value to the said food by simply using our very own delicacies and applying Filipino savoured recipes into our pizza to be able to influence the masses.
Pizza have become a meal and almost all five star hotels have pizza on their menu. Considering ourselves pizza lovers, we decided to come up with a creative and affordable pizza topped with Filipino ingredients that is ideal for a snack or full meal washed down with a cool drink.
Often these days a lot of people tend to consume pizzas for the sole reason of its deliciousness. Now we are proud to commence a new pizza variety. The “Pizzazzy” as we call it is a pizza in a cone that comes with different flavours to choose from and basically is a convenient food cause it is handy and satisfying. We ensure freshness in a cone partnered with delightfulness in every bite. This just goes to show Pizzazzy embodies the tagline “Sarap sa Wrap!”.

1. Nature of the Industry
The business will operate as a service stall that will provide customers with a healthy, fresh and delicious Pizza topped with specialized ingredients customers are sure to love.
2. Mode of financing
The necessary capital in making the proposed business possible is Php 120,000.00. The business is composed of five (5) individuals who has equal contributions.
Investment Costs * Pre-Operating Cost
This includes expenses for meetings, research and feasibility studies of the proposed business. * Operating Expense
This involves the purchasing of Pizzazzy Pizza supplies, machineries and equipment, furniture and fixtures, and other miscellaneous expenses during the operation will be considered in allocation of funds. * Administrative Expense
This comprises the expense on registration fees such as SEC permit and other important licenses to legally operate the business. This also includes the salaries and other benefit of the employee during the actual operation of the business. * Selling Expense
This consists of the expense in product’s sales promotion, publicity and advertisement.

In our proposed business, demand is based on certain prospective customer groups and their willingness to pay for and frequency in buying pizza. These assumptions form the basis of how many and what type of pizza we are going to sell and the price we can charge for our pizza.
In our proposed business, the supply is based on the potential direct and indirect competitors. The direct competitors would be those engage in the same Pizza business found in the same area.
For the first year of the business operation, the market of Pizzazzy Pizzeria is mainly focused on the students from Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
There is a rapid growth of population of the students in the said school every year. We conclude that because of this growth, we will have incremental progression for potential customers which may lead to growth for the Pizzazzy Pizza business.
Our proposed business will use different marketing practices that will emphasize the quality, service and competitive products of Pizzazzy. Our marketing approach will focus on providing our customers delicious food at affordable prices and satisfactory services.
To achieve a successful result, in our business, we must develop and execute the marketing programs effectively. To execute the marketing programs, there must be an effective adaptation and coordination of product, price, place and promotion.

2. Technical feasibility
Pizzazzy is in line with pizza restaurant that offers plethora of pizza variants such as the traditional Hawaiian, Pepperoni, All-Meat, Ham and Cheese and the likes. It also includes Fiipino recipes such as Longganiza, Chicken Barbeque, Sisig etc.
Pizzazzy Pizza will undergo different procedures depending on the toppings. The initial step is to prepare the Pita bread. Spread the preferred sauce for the desired pizza flavour. Next is to top it with the dish ordered by the customer and arrange it followed by additional ingredients depending on the recipe of our menu before placing it in the oven.
Pre-heat the oven into about 475 degrees farenheit and bake the pizza according to the cooking instructions in the recipe.

3. Financial feasibility
The Pizzazzy required a capital amount of one hundred twenty thousand pesos (Php ,000.00) produced by five (5) members contributing equally. For the profitability we expect consistent net income every year. 4. Socio-economic feasibility
The business will greatly benefit not only itself as an entity but the individuals consisting it and the external persons that serve as reason for its continuous operation.
Assuming the business is profitable, it is favourable for the business to give a fair compensation to its employees. If they will receive a good salary from their efforts, their families will be able to have money to finance their cost of living. As a result, their status in life will be uplifted due to improved capacity to acquire for their needs.
If a high demand for the product will be achieved, the business will be able to earn high profit, thus it will give higher taxes to the government, which help the latter to compliment the projects such as road construction and infrastructure. This will also benefit the poor by improving their standard of their living.
The prices of the product range will be scrutinized and set in an effort to benefit a lot of the customers who often times need to budget their expenses. This will sustain their needs while still fit their budget. The business will also use machinery and raw materials that are locally made in order to bring about increase sales of the local producers
The proposed business will help the community and be flexible in choosing variety of products. 5. Management feasibility Pizzazzy is a service business that offers Filipino taste pizza which targets all people who loves to eat Pizza. This kind of ownership is a general partnership, where the general partners are liable to the extent of their personal properties.
The main goal of this business is to introduce a new player to the market, aside from serving a fresh and delicious pizza, Pizzazzy will offer a Filipino style pizza topped with different Filipino ingredients like such as Longganiza, Chicken Barbeque, Sisig etc.
The first objective is to be known as a new player that offers traditional and Filipino style pizza in a cone to be able to promote this pizza in the market and to gradually increase the demand by doing different promotions.
The business will be located along Teresa St., Sta. Mesa Manila near the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The management flow is functional type of organizational structures where it is composed of 5 partners as general managers. It is composed of 2 employees such as the cashier and the one who prepares the food. These numbers are enough to accomplish the tasks and activities of the company which is considered a small-sized business.

This section illustrate the description and the price of the product, the size, the nature and growth of total demand for the product, the supply situation and the nature of competition, the factors affecting the market and the appropriate program for the product.

In describing the product to be marketed, the following are taken into consideration: 1. Name of product Pizzazzy offers plethora of pizza variants such as the traditional Hawaiian, Pepperoni, All-Meat, Ham and Cheese and the likes. It also includes Fiipino recipes such as Chorizo, Longganiza, Sisig, Adobo pizzas. With the thick and crispy crust wrapped around plus the flavours to indulge with, it sure is a pizza to crave for. Moreover, it will be served with different beverages like iced tea and soft drinks. Our pizzas are always made with fresh, delicious and newly cooked ingredients. 2. Product USP (unique selling proposition)

“Sarap sa Wrap!”

3. Features of the Product

Pizzazzy Pizza Special Barbecue Sauce
* 1 1/2 cups ketchup * 1/2 cup packed dark brown sugar * 3 medium garlic cloves, finely chopped * 3 tablespoons cider vinegar * 3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce * 3/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 1/2 cup water


1. Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat. 2. Bring to a boil, stirring until ingredients are completely incorporated. 3. Reduce heat to low and gently simmer until flavors have melded and sauce has thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon, about 30 to 40 minutes. 4. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature.

Aloha Hawaii

Ingredients: * 60 grams pita bread * 30 grams tomato sauce * 10 grams ham * 15 grams pineapple tidbits * 15 grams cheese
To prepare the pizza 1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Put 60 grams pita bread on a baking sheet. 3. Scatter the tomato sauce on the pita bread 4. Then sprinkle with ham and pineapple 5. Roll the pita bread like a burrito 6. Drizzle with quick melt cheese. 7. Bake for 3-5 minutes or until cheese has melted and browned a little.


Ingredients: * 60 grams pita bread * 30 grams tomato sauce * 30 grams tomato * 15 grams garlic * 15 grams cheese * 10 grams bell pepper

Directions: To prepare the pizza 1. Heat the pita bread in an oven. 2. Spread the pizza sauce on the crust. 3. Top with tomato, garlic, and quick melt cheese and the chopped bell pepper. 4. Roll the pita bread 5. Bake the pizza the oven until the cheese melts.

Chic-ken Afford

Ingredients: * 60 grams pita breqad * 30 grams of Pizzazzy Pizza Special Barbecue Sauce * 5 grams Basil * 5 grams Onions * 20 grams Chicken Barbeque * 20 grams quick melt cheese

To prepare the Hot Chicken Barbecue pizza sauce: 1. Sauté the onions and basil in a pan 2. Add the Pizzazzy Pizza’s Special Barbecue sauce, ground chicken and spicy flavorings 3. Season with salt and pepper. 4. Remove from heat and let it simmer for 3-5 minutes

To prepare the pizza: 1. Spread the pizza base. 2. Scatter over the Chicken barbecue. 3. Roll the pita bread 4. Top with quick melt cheese 5. Bake for 5 mins until the cheese start to colour and the base is crisp.
Masyadong Meatikoloso

Ingredients: * 80 grams pita bread * 10 grams pepperoni * 10 grams sausage * 10 grams pork barbecue * 10 grams pineapple * 10 grams bell pepper * 10 grams onions * 10 grams ham * 20 grams tomato sauce
1. Spread the tomato sauce over the base leaving a small gap at the edge 2. Arrange the pepperoni, sausage and pork barbecue evenly on top. 3. Sprinkle the cheeses and oregano evenly all over 4. Finally add the ham, pineapple, bell pepper and onions. 5. Drizzle with quick melt cheese. 6. Roll the bread like a shawarma 7. Bake in a preheated oven 425°F/220°C/ for 5 minutes 8. Cheese should have melted and crust is crisp 9. Serve

Ingredients: * 60 grams pita bread * 20 grams tomato sauce * 20 grams ham * 20 grams of cheese
1. Spread the tomato sauce on the crust 2. Top with ham and cheese 3. Roll the pita bread like a burrito 4. Bake the pizza in the oven until the cheese melts 5. Serve immediately

Cheeesy Escudero

Ingredients: * 60 grams pita bread * 20 grams tomato sauce * 50 grams quick melt cheese

Directions: 1. Prepare the pita bread in the preparation table 2. Spread the tomato sauce on the bread 3. Drizzle with quick melt cheese 4. Roll the bread 5. Bake for 3-5 minutes until the cheese melts 6. Serve


Ingredients: * 60 grams pita bread * 20 grams tomato sauce * 20 grams longganisa * 20 grams bologna * 10 grams quick melt cheese * 1 teaspoon of olive oil
1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Put one pita bread on the preparation table. 3. Spread the tomato sauce on the bread. 4. Scatter the bologna and longganisa. 5. Then sprinkle with quick melt cheese. 6. Drizzle with a teaspoon of olive oil. 7. Bake for 3-5 minutes or until cheese has melted and browned a little. 8. Serve immediately


Ingredients: * 60 grams pita bread * 30 Pork Sisig – your favorite recipe, canned or store bought * 15 grams green bell pepper * 10 grams green chili * 15 quick melt cheese


1. Put the pita bread in the preparation table 2. Top with quick melt cheese, pork sisig, and green chili and bell pepper. . 3. Roll the bread like shawarma. 4. Put it in the oven and bake until cheese is bubbly and pita bread is toasted on the side. 5. Cheese should have melted and crust is crispy 6. Serve



* 60 grams pita bread * 20 grams tomato sauce * 20 grams pepperoni * 20 grams quick melt cheese


1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 2. Spread tomato sauce on pita bread, making sure to spread evenly 3. Top pizza with pepperoni 4. Roll the pita bread 5. Sprinkle quick melt cheese on top 6. Bake in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes or until the cheese has melted and crust is fully cooked. 7. Serve.

Taco Loco


* 60 grams pita bread * 20 grams Pizzazzy special Barbecue sauce * 20 grams ground beef * 10 grams of tomato * 10 grams bell pepper * 10 grams quick melt cheese


1. Spread the Pizzazzy special barbecue sauce over the base leaving a small gap at the edge 2. Arrange the ground beef, tomato and bell pepper evenly on top. 3. Sprinkle the quick melt cheese evenly all over 4. Roll the bread like a shawarma 5. Bake in a preheated oven 425°F/220°C/ for 5 minutes 6. Cheese should have melted and crust is crisp 7. Serve


Iced Tea

Pineapple Juice

B.TARGET MARKET Primary target market
The primary target market of our product Pizzazzy will be the students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa Manila.

Secondary target market
Our secondary target markets are the employees in the said university, residents of Teresa St, Sta. Mesa Manila and other people within the area.

In our proposed business, demand is based on the prospective customers and their willingness to pay and the frequency of them buying pizza. This demand analysis is the basis for how many and what type of pizza we are going to sell, and how much we can charge for our pizza.

Table 2.1 Historical Population

HISTORICAL POPULATION | 2009 -2010 | 23,491 | 2010-2011 | 22,701 | 2011-2012 | 22,266 | 2012-2013 | 26,629 | 2013-2014 | 23992 |

Table 2.2 Projected Population

PROJECTED POPULATION | 2014-2015 | 24,493 | 2015-2016 | 25,004 | 2016-2017 | 25,527 | 2017-2018 | 26,060 | 2018-2019 | 26,604 |

The table 2.3 shows the increasing population yearly of our primary and secondary target market. This confirms that we can have a greater market.

Table 2.3 Historical Demand YEAR | HISTORICAL DEMAND | 2009-2010 | 51,815 | 2010-2011 | 50,072 | 2011-2012 | 49,113 | 2012-2013 | 58,737 | 2013-2014 | 52,920 |

Table 2.4 Projected Demand

Year | Population | PROJECTED DEMAND | 2014 | 24493 | 54,025 | 2015 | 24994 | 55,153 | 2016 | 25495 | 56,305 | 2017 | 25996 | 57,481 | 2018 | 26497 | 58,681 |


In our proposed business, the supply is based on the potential direct and indirect competitors. The direct competitors would be those engage in the same business found in the same area.

Table 2.5 Competitors Supply

Year | SANTINO’S | PIZZA HUT | SHAKEYS | GREENWICH | HISTORICAL SUPPLY | 2009 | 22285 | 48748 | 34820 | 22285 | 128138 | 2010 | 23458 | 51314 | 36653 | 23458 | 134882 | 2011 | 24692 | 54015 | 38582 | 24692 | 141981 | 2012 | 25992 | 56858 | 40613 | 25992 | 149454 | 2013 | 27360 | 59850 | 42750 | 27360 | 157320 |

The table 2.5 shows the competitors supply are existing in the market, the data was based on the study conducted last 2008 by the Bureau of Food and Drugs regards on the commonly purchased pizza by the consumer

Table 2.6 Projected Supply of Competitors Year | SANTINO’S | PIZZA HUT | SHAKEYS | GREENWICH | HISTORICAL SUPPLY | 2014 | 28800 | 63000 | 45000 | 28800 | 165600 | 2015 | 30240 | 66150 | 47250 | 30240 | 173880 | 2016 | 31752 | 69458 | 49613 | 31752 | 182574 | 2017 | 33340 | 72930 | 52093 | 33340 | 191703 | 2018 | 35007 | 76577 | 54698 | 35007 | 201288 |


Table 2.7 Projected Demand-Supply Analysis Year | PROJECTED DEMAND | PROJECTED SUPPLY | DEMAND GAP | UNSATISFIED DEMAND | 2014 | 826068 | 165600 | 660468 | 79.95% | 2015 | 839062 | 173880 | 665182 | 79.28% | 2016 | 852330 | 182574 | 669756 | 78.58% | 2017 | 865798 | 191703 | 674096 | 77.86% | 2018 | 879541 | 201288 | 678253 | 77.11% |

The table 2.7 shows that there is unsatisfied demand, which indicates that there is an unfulfilled market in pizza business in our target location that we can fulfil as a new player in the market.

Table 2.8 Market Share Year | SANTINO’S | PIZZA HUT | SHAKEYS | GREENWICH | COMPETITOR'S MARKET SHARE | ASSUMED MARKET SHARE | 2014 | 3.49% | 7.63% | 5.45% | 3.49% | 20.05% | 5.00% | 2015 | 3.60% | 7.88% | 5.63% | 3.60% | 20.72% | 5.25% | 2016 | 3.73% | 8.15% | 5.82% | 3.73% | 21.42% | 5.51% | 2017 | 3.85% | 8.42% | 6.02% | 3.85% | 22.14% | 5.79% | 2018 | 3.98% | 8.71% | 6.22% | 3.98% | 22.89% | 6.08% |

D. MARKETING PLAN 1. Introduction “Pizzazzy” was formed due to its root word “pizzazz” meaning appealing and captivating. This embodies our pizza’s qualities. By introducing our very own “Pizzazzy” wrapped around pizza, it unleashes a new variety of scrumptious food to crave for.
This business offers different choices of Pizza in its traditional flavours, partnered with Filipino-styled pizza such as Longganiza, Sisig, and Chicken Barbeque. It is served in one regular cone shaped pizza.
The business will be located along Teresa St. Sta. Mesa Manila. We have decided to put our business there because we find it has potential to quickly gain a significant market share. Considering that it is near the Polytechnic University of the Philippines is one of the colossal state universities, it is also surrounded by different establishments and residential areas. It is also quite accessible to both pedestrian and automobile traffic. We believe that there is a big opportunity to attract customers who will patronize our Pizzazzy from this location. 2. General business condition
There are business entities that are already established that are leading in our location. They are in line also of Pizza business that is targeting the students and other employees near the location. Pizzazzy can competitively enter the market with an edge of not just offering the usual pizza but we will make it with a Filipino taste that will surely be loved by everyone.
Pizzazzy is topped with different Filipino dishes that when you eat this it makes you feel proud being a Filipino. Hence, it is not like the other leading pizza store that offers different variants on their menu but in the future Pizzazzy can be one of them. 3. Swot (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis
* Convenient to make. * Availability of ingredients. * Affordable price * Unique pizza with the twist of Filipino dishes * Healthy ingredients * Easy to market
* New to the market * Lack of advertisement
* Possible market and business expansion * New market group (segment) * Product acknowledgment * Make Filipino dish topped on pizza known nationwide and abroad
* Different preferences when it comes to pizza. * Well established companies in the same industries might reproduce same product at lower prices or simply dump their prices temporarily to crowd out (make the newcomer business bleed to death) * Strong market of direct and indirect competitors E. 4P’S STUDY
Pizzazzy offers Filipino style pizza (Longganiza, Sisig, and Chicken Barbeque) and traditional flavours such as Hawaiian, Ham and Cheese, Pepperoni, All-Meat, Garlic and Tomato, and Cheese overload good for to go purchases.
Pizzazzy comes in a regular sized pizza cone with a variety of toppings available.
The business is located along Teresa St., Sta. Mesa Manila (270 Teresa St., Sta. Mesa Mania beside Networx Computer Shop) near the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The location is near Polytechnic University of the Philippines because we have sought a great potential for the business to flourish as Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a monumental state university. Polytechnic University of the Philippines is packed with students in any time of the school day. We believe that there is a enormous opportunity and chance to attract customers within the vicinity of our selected location.

PRICE Pizzazzy products will be priced competitively and reasonably considering the value that the customers get from the product. Table 2.9 Pizza Prices

Pizzazzy | Product Price | Mark up | Selling Price( introductory price) | Hawaiian | 12.37 | (102%) | 25.00 | Hamaaazing | 13.635 | (83%) | 25.00 | Meatikoloso | 16.99 | (77%) | 30.00 | Cheesy Escudero | 13.78 | (82%) | 25.00 | Pepperazzi | 14.21 | (111%) | 30.00 | Taco Loco | 12.125 | (106%) | 25.00 | Garmato | 10.92 | (83%) | 20.00 | Sisignificant | 12.485 | (100%) | 25.00 | Bolongganiza | 15.52 | (93%) | 30.00 | Chic-ken Afford | 12.85 | (95%) | 25.00 |

Table 2.10 Beverages Beverages | Product Price | Mark up | Selling price( introductory price) | Iced Tea | 60.00 | | | Pineapple Juice | 60.00 | | |

Table 2.11 Promotion Plan

Remarks | Promotional Activities | Duration | FLYERS AND TARPAULINS (insisde PUP and along Teresa St.) | ADVERTISEMENT | LONG RUN | Donation of trashcans in the university | CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY | LONG RUN | SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES,( FACEBOOK, TWITTER) | ONLINE MARKETING | LONG RUN |


Pizzazzy’s Sales Promotion
1. Purchase any variant of Pizzazzy Pizza Cone. *insert pizza cone flavour here*
2. Take the most creative photo of you, or photos with your barkada, love ones or special someone, having moments with Pizzazzy Pizza Cone product.
3. Like our official facebook page and upload your picture.
4. The owner of the picture who will acquire most likes at the end of the promo duration will win and have a chance to treat their friends to Pizzazzy’s and avail of Pizzazzy’s personalized t-shirt.
5. Winners will be notified through a facebook message and his/her name will be posted in our page to for congratulatory message.
Duration – 1 Month

Poster for Pizzazzy Selfie Me

Pizzazzy’s Official Facebook FanPage

Pizzazzy’s Prize - TShirts
Front View Back View

Looking for a treat that will satisfy the whole barkada craving, a snack that will suit your budget or another fun-stuff to share with your friends? Then try our Pizzazzy’s Pizo Last Piz Barkada Treat! Because Pizzazzy wants to be a part of your every barkada moments, we are giving you an offer that surely, you and your whole barakada will enjoy!
1. Avail 9 pieces of Pizzazzy’s pizza cone in single purchase. 2. Present receipt to the cashier to avail the Pizo Last Piz promo. 3. Wait for the “cone of the day” pizza cone flavour to be served, indulge, and then enjoy your treat!
Duration – 1 Month
1. Avail the stamp collection card from *insert promo duration here* with no purchase required. 2. Upon purchase of Pizzazzy’s pizza cone, look for a letter inside the wrapper. 3. If you found a letter that will spell-out PIZZAZZY, ( letters P, I, Z, A and Y ), present the card and the wrapper to the cashier. 4. The wrapper will be collected by a Pizzazzy staff then, the letter you have found will be marked on your card. 5. Continue purchasing and collecting letters, until you have completely spelled out the word PIZZAZZY. 6. Upon having completely spelled-out the word, present your card to the cashier and avail one (1) free pizza cone ( flavour of your choice) and a free drink.
Duration – 3Months
Pizzazzy’s Corporate Social Responsibility

We decided to donate trashcans inside the university to lend a hand in garbage issues and support the environmental missions the university is inclined to achieve. By donating such, we are hoping to be a part of the progress of a clean and green environ, knowing that our products are “to go” and mostly are eaten quickly. By this, we aim to encourage not just mere students but also employees and other customers to eliminate wastes properly. Table 2.12 Budget Summary Description | Quantity | Unit Price | Total price | Tarpaulins | 2 | 300.00 | 600.00 | Leaflets/Flyers | 200 | 5.00 | 1000.00 | Pizzazzy’s Trashcan Donation | - | - | - | Poster for SP –Pizzazzy Selfie Me | 10 | 20.00 | 200.00 | Poster for SP – Pizo Last Piz Barkada Treat | 10 | 20.00 | 200.00 | Poster for SP – Pizzazzy Collect Me | 10 | 20.00 | 200.00 | T-Shirts for Prize | 2 | 200.00 | 400.00 | 2.5 Litre of SoftDrinks | 1 | 40.00 | 40.00 | Pizzazzy Bundle of 10 | 10 | 25.00 | 250.00 | Stamp Collection Card | 100 | 5.00 | 500.00 | TOTAL PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES | | | 3390 |


1. Population growth
There is a rapid growth of the population of the students in the largest State University in the country. We conclude that because of this rapid growth we will have more potential customers, thus Pizzazzy will have a high potential of growth.

2. Consumer Income
Since that the location of our stall is within Teresa St. of Sta. Mesa Manila, and near the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, we expect that they have the ability to spend a just amount of money in order to have a meal such as pizza.

3. Consumer Preferences
Consumer preference was assessed through interviews with 500 potential customers and that their responses have been taken into account when deciding on our pricing strategy, on our product range and on the amount of raw materials for each type of pizza which needs to be purchased twice a week. The 100% of respondents was used because they all replied that they eat pizza at least occasionally so that means their answer are of significance on our survey.

4. Competition

Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, Greenwich and Santino’s poses a stiff competitions in the operations of Pizzazzy because of their dominant publicity and different affiliates in the pizzeria shop chain industry. It already has captured a significant market share in Pizzazzy’s target market and has an established name in the pizza industry. Some of the methods of established pizza stores were to expand and maintain their dominant market position, including buying out competitors’ leases, intentionally operating at a loss, and saturating the market. Once the Pizzazzy is formally introduce in the market, other existing and well-established names in this type of business, might also create pizza out of Filipino dishes and wrapped around types of pizzas. This can result to decreasing percentage of customers of the said companies.

Table 2.13 Gender GENDER | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | Male | 211 | 42.20% | 2 | Female | 289 | 57.80% | 1 | Total | 500 | 100% | |

The graph shows the gender of the total population, its frequency and their corresponding percentages. Out of 100 respondents, 211or 42.20% were male and 289 or 57.8% were female.

Table 2.14 Age Bracket AGE | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | 15 | 7 | 1.40% | 7 | 16 | 102 | 20.40% | 2 | 17 | 140 | 28% | 1 | 18 | 89 | 17.80% | 3 | 19 | 83 | 16.60% | 4 | 20 | 64 | 12.80% | 5 | 21 | 11 | 2.20% | 6 | 22 | 1 | 0.20% | 9 | 23 | 1 | 0.20% | 9 | 24 | 2 | 0.40% | 8 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

This graph shows the age bracket of 100 respondents, as include, 7 or 1.40% of the total number fell under 15 years old, 102 or 20.40% of the respondents are 16 years old, 140 or 28% fall under 17 years old, 89 or 17.80% of the total respondents are 18 years old, 83 or 16.60% are 19 years old, 64 or 12.80% were classified as 20 years old, 11 or 2.20% of the respondents are 21 years old, ages 22 and 23 both got 1 or 0.20%, and respondents who are 24 years old got 2 or 0.40% for a total of 100%
Table 2.15 Respondents who eat Pizza RESPONDENTS WHO EAT PIZZA | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | Yes | 500 | 100% | 1 | No | 0 | 0% | 2 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

This graph shows that all or 100% of our respondents eat pizza.
Table 2.16 Willingness for another Variant of Pizza RESPONDENTS WHO ARE WILLING TO TRYANOTHER VARIANT/FORM OF PIZZA | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | Yes | 500 | 100% | 1 | No | 0 | 0% | 2 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

The graph shows that 500 or 100% of the total numbers of the respondents are willing to try another variant or form of pizza.
Table 2.17 Regularity of Pizza Purchasing REGULARITY OF PIZZA PURCHASING | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | Daily | 15 | 3% | 4 | Weekly | 126 | 25.20% | 2 | Monthly | 277 | 55.40% | 1 | Other | | | | Occasionally | 82 | 16.40% | 3 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

This graph shows how often these respondents eat pizza. Many prefer eating it monthly with 277 or 55.40% of the respondents, some eat weekly with 126 or 25.20%, others eat pizza occasionally with the percentage of 16.40% or 82 of the respondents, and only 15 or 3% of the respondents eat pizza daily.

Table 2.18 Reason of Buying REASON OF BUYING | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | It is delicious | 198 | 39.60% | 1 | It has a wide variety of flavour | 135 | 27% | 2 | It contains different ingredients | 94 | 18.80% | 3 | It is a complete meal | 73 | 14.60% | 4 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

The graph shows why the respondents eat pizza. 198 or 39.60% of the respondents say that they eat pizza because it is delicious, 135 or 27% like it because it has a wide variety of flavour, 94 or 18.80% respondents indicate it contains different ingredients and 14.60% or 73 people say it is a complete meal.

Table 2.19 Amount of Consumption AMOUNT OF CONSUMPTION | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | 1 slice | 40 | 8% | 4 | 2 slices | 324 | 64.80% | 1 | Solo | 87 | 17.40% | 2 | Regular | 49 | 9.80% | 3 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

The graph shows the amount of pizza customers tend to consume in a meal. 324 or 64.810% of the respondents said that they are able to consume 2slices in one serving. The other 87 or 17.40% of the respondents are able to eat a solo order and the 49 or 9.80% chose the regular sized pizza. Lastly, a slice garnered 40 or 8% of the total population.

Table 2.20 Competitors COMPETITORS | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | Santino | 167 | 33.20% | 2 | FCJ | 27 | 5.40% | 3 | Pizzahut | 294 | 58.80% | 1 | Others | | | | Shakeys | 4 | 0.80% | 5 | Greenwich | 8 | 1.60% | 4 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

This graph shows the rankings of pizza chains where the respondents prefer to buy. Pizza hut has the highest percentage of 58.80%, second is the Santino with 33.20%, third is the FCJ with the percentage of 5.40%, fourth is Greenwich with 1.60%, and Shakeys with the least percentage of 0.80%.

Table 2.21 Place where they usually Eat PLACE WHERE THEY USUALLY EAT | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | Concessionaire Canteen | 141 | 28.20% | 2 | Sampaguita Canteen | 52 | 10.40% | 3 | Stalls along Teresa Street | 277 | 55.40% | 1 | Others | | | | House | 19 | 3.80% | 4 | Mall | 11 | 2.20% | 5 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

The graph above shows where the respondents normally eat. Base on the survey, 277 persons eat in stalls along Teresa which is 55.40% of the total number of respondents, Concessionaire canteen inside PUP got 141 or 28.20%, 52 or 10.40% of the respondents say they eat in Sampaguita Canteen, 19 or 3.80% of the respondents in their houses, and only 11 or 2.20% eat in mall.

Table 2.22 Price Preference PRICE PREFERENCE | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | 20-30php | 129 | 25.80% | 3 | 31-50php | 169 | 33.80% | 1 | 51-100php | 167 | 33.40% | 2 | 101-300php | 35 | 7% | 4 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

The graph illustrate the how much do you often spend for a pizza. 169 or 33.80% of the respondents tend to spend 31-50php for a pizza, 167 or 33.40% pay 51-100php, 129 or 25.80% buy pizza with 20-30php price, and 35 or 7% of the total number of the respondents are spending 101-300php for a pizza.

Table 2.23 Preferred Pizza Variant PREFERED PIZZA VARIANT | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | Hawaiian | 167 | 33.40% | 1 | Ham and Cheese | 125 | 25% | 2 | All Meat | 86 | 17.20% | 3 | All Cheese | 42 | 8.40% | 5 | Pepperonni | 73 | 14.60% | 4 | Others | | | | Taco | 2 | 0.40% | 7 | Bacon and Ham | 1 | 0.20% | 8 | Garlic and Tomato | 4 | 0.80% | 6 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

The illustration above shows the variant or flavour that the respondents prefer to eat. Hawaiian got the highest frequency with 167 or 33.40%, next is the Ham and cheese with 125 or 25%, having 86 or 17.20%, All meat is next in line, 73 or 14.60% of the respondents prefer pepperoni, chicken barbeque flavour got 42 or 8.40%, bacon and cheese was chosen by 4 or 0.80%, 2 or 0.40% choose beef and mushroom, and only 1 respondent or 0.20% of the total number of the respondents prefer the flavour of ham and cheese.
Table 2.24 Willingness to try Pizza Cone WILLINGNESS | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | Yes | 418 | 83.60% | 1 | No | 82 | 16.40% | 2 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

The graph demonstrates the willingness of the respondents in trying the pizza cone. Out of 500 respondents, 418 or 83.60% say yes and only 82 or 16.40% say no.

Table 2.25 Preferred Price for Pizza Cone PREFERED PRICE FOR THE PRODUCT | Frequency | PERCENTAGE | RANKING | 20-30 | 176 | 35.20% | 2 | 30-50 | 234 | 46.80% | 1 | 60-100 | 86 | 17.20% | 3 | 150-300 | 4 | 0.80% | 4 | TOTAL | 500 | 100% | |

This graph demonstrates the price that the respondents are willing to spend for a piece of pizza cone. The result shows that 234 or 46.80% of the respondents are willing to spend 30-50php for a pizza cone, 176 or 35.20 say 20-30php, 60-100php is the price that 86 or 17.20% of the respondents are willing to pay, and only 4 or 0.80% of the total number of the respondents are willing to spend 150-300php.

On the survey conducted by the group using 500 respondents, there are more females than male respondents who ages from 16-24. Most of them are students and employees along our target location. In the survey it shows that 100% are pizza eaters and they eat pizza occasionally, once a month and even twice a week and they preferred prices are from 30-50 pesos with the beverage they want to match on the pizza from variants such as iced tea and juice drinks. And by asking them if they are willing to try another pizza 99% answered yes. This results to a progress in terms of trying new variants of pizza.

* Other related aspects

Paper will be the material of choice for Pizzazzy wrapper concepts, for three reasons. First, it's economical. Second, it has substantial stacking strength, or crush-resistance. Third, it resists condensation build-up on the interior surfaces.
This package was convenient because of its pre- folding mechanism and highly economical. But it lacked stacking strength, heat retention, and product protection capability- three requirements for good pizza packaging.
Pizza box shows the logo and tag line of our business for our pizza to be inculcated in our customers’ mind.

Legal clearances 1. Business Permit

2. Mayor’s Permit

3. DTI Permit

4. Sanitary permit

5. BIR permit

Raw Materials Procurement The raw materials of Pizzazzy are carefully selected and specialized. The business will need a mass volume of different raw materials needed for our pizza to accommodate the demand of the customer. There will be no problem with the gathering of raw materials for these raw materials are generally available in the market.

Pizzazzy’s Wrapper

Employees’ Uniform

Pizzazzy employees will be wearing the personalized company shirts partnered with maong pants. This shirt will be worn during working hours and within the vicinity of the business. This shirt was white because it signifies oneness and cleanliness. There’s a hue of red because it is one of the company colors that is domineering. The front view of the shirt has our logo and the back view has a message for our customers to ponder.

In this section, the technical aspect is analyzed. It consists of the production process, machineries, equipment being used and its capacity and design, plant location and plant layout. The building structures specification, raw materials and their sources.
It also determines the quality and quantity of the products to be produced, the labor needed, both skilled and unskilled. It has detailed listing of the estimated production and overhead cost in operating the proposed production plan.
The product offered by Pizzazzy shall be prepared and handled in accordance with proper food handling practices and techniques to ensure the delivery of quality products. Ingredients will be stored in appropriate storage areas and monitored for freshness to give the customer the best quality their money could get from the establishment.


The product offered by Pizzazzy shall be prepared and handled in accordance with proper food handling practices and techniques to ensure the delivery of quality products. Ingredients will be stored in appropriate storage areas and monitored for freshness to give the customer the best quality their money could get from the establishment.
Pizzazzy also offers Filipino taste pizza good for a to go experience so that customers can experience convenience and hassle free.


Pizzazzy determines its production process through the following steps: PREPARATION OF INGREDIENTS














Table 3.1 Anson’s appliance center Machineries andEquipment | Uses | Quantity | Unit Price | Total Price | Source | PREP TABLE | Stainless steel prep tables are standard kitchen equipment, as prepping food, particularly meat and poultry. Stainless steel prep tables can be free-standing or attached to other equipment, depending on the configuration of the kitchen. | 1 | 4,000 | 4,000 | ANSONS | WEIGHING SCALE | This device used to measure the weight of ingredients and other food. Using a scale will result in a more accurate measurement of the ingredients than by measuring it by volume. | 1 | 400 | 400 | ANSONS | FREEZER | Freezers are essential for food storage, as food cannot always be used immediately. Restaurant freezers come in different shapes and sizes: Chest freezers, stand-up freezers and walk-in freezers are all commonly found in restaurant kitchens. | 1 | 17,000 | 17,000 | ANSONS(Electrolux ecm 2900wa | DRINK DISPENSER | One that dispenses or gives out, especially a machine or container that allows the contents to be removed and used in convenient or prescribed amounts | 1 | 4,000 | 4,000 | ANSONS(alibaba) | GAS STOVE OVEN | An enclosed heated compartment or receptacle for baking or roasting food. A similar device, usually lined with a refractory material, used for drying substances, firing ceramics, heat-treating | 1 | 560.00 | 560.00 | ANSONS | MICROWAVE OVEN | Reheats the pizza cones. | 1 | 2248.00 | 2248.00 | ABENSON | LPG | | 3 | 748.00 | 2244.00 | SOLANE | TOTAL EQUIPMENT ACQUISITION | | | | | |

FURNITURES AND FIXTURES | Uses | Quantity | Unit Price | Total Price | Source | DISPLAY CABINET | Serves as compartment for display and storage of pizza cones. | 1 | 1200.00 | 1200.00 | HOME DEPOT | CHAIRS | Functions as the employee’s resting equipment. | 2 | | | |


270 TERESA ST., STA. MESA MANILA (beside Networx Computer Shop)


Table 3.2 Source (Puregold)

INGREDIENTS | QUANTITY | PRICE | BASIL | 100g | 7.00 | BOLOGNA | 250g | 45.00 | CATSUP | 1kg | 35.00 | CHEESE | 200g | 29.75 | CHICKEN | 1kg | 120.00 | ICE CUBES | 25kg | 100.00 | CELERY | 1kg | 20.00 | GARLIC | 1kg | 45.00 | GREEN BELL PEPPER | 1kg | 35.00 | GREEN CHILI | 1kg | 50.00 | HAM | 250g | 53.75 | ICED TEA | | 108.25 | OLIVE OIL | 500ml | 203.50 | ONION | 1kg | 22.00 | PAMPANGA LONGGANISA | 225g | 40.25 | PEPPER | 250g | 25.00 | PEPPERONI | 250g | 61.00 | PINEAPPLE | 822g | 61.95 | PINEAPPLE JUICE | | 150.00 | PITA BREAD (medium) | 60g | 5.00 | PORK | 1kg | 139.00 | SALT | 1kg | 20.00 | SISIG | 250g | 35.25 | SOY SAUCE | 1L | 28.00 | SUGAR | 1kg | 50.00 | TOMATOES | 1kg | 15.00 | TOMATO SAUCE | 1kg | 62.25 | VINEGAR | 1L | 28.00 | WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE | 50oz | 29.00 | TOTAL SUPPLIES | | |

Table 3.3 Utilities Calculation



Our business reputation cannot afford our target customers to be indisposed, so we will always ensure to maintain cleanliness around our business area and to dispose garbage properly and orderly every day. We separate waste into two categories (a) biodegradable and (b) non- biodegradable. All of the waste will be collected by the garbage truck assigned every afternoon. We will always advise our employees to maintain cleanliness within the vicinity of our store, so our target customer would presume that we are practicing orderliness and they are rest assured our products are in good hands.

H. APPENDICES 1. Equipment listing and cost of Supplies

Table 3.4 Cost Production of Machineries and Equipment
Anson’s appliance center MACHINERIES AND EQUIPMENT | QUANTITY | UNIT PRICE | TOTAL PRICE | SOURCE | FREEZER` | 1 | 11450 | 11450.00 | ABENSON | SINGLE BURNER STOVE | 1 | 525 | 525.00 | SM’S APPLIANCE CENTER | HEAT PROOF PIZZA RACK | 1 | 450 | 450.00 | SULIT.COM | LPG HOSE | 1 | 149 | 149.00 | PUREGOLD |

Table 3.5 Cost Kitchen Utensils KITCHEN UTENSILS | QUANTITY | UNIT PRICE | TOTAL PRICE | SOURCE | CHEESE GRATER | 2 | 50 | 100.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | CHOPPING BOARD | 2 | 80 | 160.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | FOOD TONGS | 2 | 100 | 200.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | INGREDIENTS CONTAINERS | 15 | 10 | 150.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | SAUCE BOTTLES | 3 | 10 | 30.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | SPATULA | 2 | 50 | 100.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | KNIFE | 1 | 50 | 50 | TUTUBAN MALL | Table 3.6 Cost of Maintenance Supplies MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES | QUANTITY | UNIT PRICE | TOTAL PRICE | SOURCE | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | BROOM | 2 | 185.00 | 370.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | DISHWASHING LIQUID | 12 | 5.00 | 60.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | DISHWASHING SPONGE | 5 | 30.00 | 150.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | DUST PAN | 1 | 30.00 | 30.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | GARBAGE BAGS | 26 | 5.00 | 130.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | LIQUID HAND SOAP | 2 | 20.00 | 40.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | RAGS | 12 | 12.40 | 148.80 | TUTUBAN MALL | TRASH CAN | 1 | 365.00 | 365.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | APRON | 5 | 80.00 | 150.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | HAIRNET | 5 | 12.00 | 60.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | GLOVES | 5 | 20.00 | 100.00 | TUTUBAN MALL | TISSUE | 1 PACK | 120.00 | 120.00 | TUTUBAN MALL |

Table 3.7 Cost of Uniform Expenses


Table 3.8 Safety and Precautionary Equipment



Project Time Table…...

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...My Favorite Food Background I love pizza since I was a kid. I remember my first experience when I ate pizza. My mother brought me a slice of Pizza when she got home from grocery. At that time I wondered about the pizza because it has triangle shape and like having a rubber on it. Soon after I ate pizza and tasted it I became love it. Here are some other reasons why I choose pizza for my favorite food: • First, Pizza is all season food. I can have it anytime I want whether in winter or summer and I do not have to wait for special event. When I get exhausted after back from work and need to find my dinner I just simply call the room service to ask for pizza or call pizza to be delivered. • Second, Pizza has many varieties. I can never get bored with pizza because I can have thousands of varieties of pizza and put anything I want on it. • Finally, Pizza is affordable for me because the price is not expensive and it can fit with my budget. Why I Love Pizza As I mention before, I love pizza because I have several reasons to support it. And now I would like to discuss it a little bit more so that you can understand why I love pizza. 1. All Season food I can always eat Pizza regardless the season I have, not like ice cream which is too cold to eat in winter or grilled turkey where you can only have it in Thanksgiving. Furthermore my job requires me to travel to many cities in Indonesia and also to other countries. When I cannot figure out what food I want to eat for my...

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Pizza Hut

...introducing us all to some crazy new ideas and ones that just might work. But before we dive into all of that, it’s time for lunch. Luckily we can order a pizza from Pizza Hut without breaking our keyboard stride. Pizza Hut is celebrating 20 years of online ordering at CES and that just sounds wrong. 20 years?! Back in 1994, they launched their first digital ordering hub called “PizzaNet.” The first-ever online order was a large pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese pizza and they’ve been going strong ever since. So strong that they think of themselves as an ecommerce company – 40% of their orders come through the online system, 50% from mobile. Caroline Masullo, Pizza Hut’s director of digital experience told the LATimes that people were surprised to see a pizza company at CES but they shouldn’t be. “If you’re going to be a big e-commerce player, this is the place to be. This is where all the companies are, and we need to be on the cutting edge for our consumers’ sake. So I think we should always have a presence.” All kidding aside, the ability to order a pizza 7-days in advance is as radical as a car that reads your email to you while you drive. Both help you get things done more efficiently and ordering a pizza online is a lot safer than email in the car. Heck, you can probably order a pizza from your car using one of Pizza Hut’s dedicated apps. This past year, they added created an ordering app for the XBox360 giving gamers one less excuse to stop playing. Now,......

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Pizza World

...……………………………………………………... 13 Banner ……………………………………………………………… 15 Logo ……………………………………………………………… 16 INTRODUCTION Pizza World is a fast food restaurant located in Monumento. We come up to build this food establishment because this is one of the popular and center place in CAMANAVA area where volume of people are in here every day because of the Commercial building and business centers, schools, malls and terminals and also it will be a great target for the success of our restaurant. It is also located just beside the road where walk – in customers, students, employees and travelers can easily find and notice our Establishment. Pizza World will be the leading pizza and pasta restaurant in CAMANAVA with a rapidly developing consumer brand and growing customer base. The signature line of innovative, premium, pasta dishes and pizza dishes. We are also serving distinct salads, desserts, and beverages. Pizza World will reinvent the pizza and pasta experience for individuals, families and take out customers with discretionary income by selling high quality, innovative products at a at a reasonable price, designing tasteful. The direct competitors nearby are Pizza hut and Greenwhich. These are the food establishment located inside Araneta center and Ever Gotesco. The indirect competitors are Jollibee. Mc Donalds and Tropical hut. 1 MISSION AND VISION Mission Pizza World mission is to ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional, friendly and......

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Canadian Pizza

...needs of the individual customer, Canadian Pizza has also initiated its own e-commerce platform by creating their website called By accepting orders online, Canadian Pizza will be able to maintain more accurate information regarding the customers. This may also form part of an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system for the company. Canadian Pizza is an international brand with a significant global presence in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore alone, Canadian 2 for 1 pizza boasts around 28 outlets. This is quite a remarkable feat for the company. The pizza delivery business is quite competitive and requires the company to carry out a continuous update of their business. This means that Canadian 2 for 1 pizza should also try to create and add new products to its existing product line. At the present moment they usually make a new type of pizza for their product line every 8-10 weeks. This means customers have something new to look forward to in the near future all the time. This sense of excitement surely benefits the company in the form of increased sales. They are primarily targeting the people who are only aged between 18 years and 35 years of age and approximately 80% of their entire revenue is contributed by their delivery services. Creating the appropriate ecommerce model is crucial for any business today. To cope with the increasing amount of competition, Canadian Pizza has also set up an integral website which......

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