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Module I. Fundamentals of Management (POCL)
a. Introduction – corporation, alignment
b. Role of First-line Managers or Supervisors
c. Planning Processes
d. Organizing Processes
e. Controlling Processes
f. Leading Processes
g. Integration
Module 2. Planning
a. Introduction
b. Strategic Planning
1) Understanding what are strategies and how the unit can relate to each
c. Operational Planning -
1) How to prepare SMART objectives
2) How to identify relevant programs and initiatives of the unit, aligned to strategies
3) How to prepare a project plan
d. Performance Measures/Indicators
1) How to select appropriate measures/indicators to determine effectiveness of a project, process, or set of procedure
e. Integration
Module 3. Organizing
a. Introduction
b. Principles of Organizing
1) Understanding the basic principles
c. Business Process Identification & Mapping - SIPOC
1) How to identify and map organization processes classified into management, core and enabling processes
2) How to identify keys processes
d. Policies and Procedures
1) Understanding policies
2) How to document procedures
e. Organization Charting
1) How to review and improve current organization charts
f. Roles and Responsibilities
1) How to define roles and responsibilities
g. Integration
Module 4. Controlling
a. Introduction b. Understanding Metrics
c. Monitoring Performance
1) How to identify and select appropriate processes for monitoring performance
d. Analysis and Evaluation Tools & Techniques
1) How to identify and select appropriate tools and techniques in evaluating performance.
2) How to analyze
3) How to solve deviations/problems.
e. Continuous Improvement
1) Understanding best practices in continuous improvement
f. Integration
Module 5. Leading
a. Introduction
b. Setting Direction
1) How to define vision and mission
2) Understanding…...

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