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The polygamy is a word that comes from Greece and if we translate it, the meaning will be “often married”. The polygamy has an interesting meaning where the marriage is done with more than just two partners as it happens at most societies.

In most countries out there the polygamy is not a practice that is tolerated and the laws are usually making it illegal. This word is usually referring to the type of marriages where there are two or more spouses, but in the vast majority it will refer to two wives or more.

At the same time there are also tons of cultures from all over the world that have absolutely no problem with accepting polygamy as a normal thing and this means that there are no laws to prevent men to have more than one wife or even when a woman has more than one husband.

The polygamy term can create a lot of confusion, especially since people confuse it with the bigamy term. The bigamy however will only refer to have two wives, while the polygamy refers to having two or even more and they all live in the same house.

Other terms that refer to this domain are polygyny – There in this situation a man will have many wives at the same time.

The term polyandry refers exactly to the same thing as the polygyny, except for the fact that the wives will have at the same time more husbands.

Group Marriages – Are yet another interesting term where there is one single family unit, but with many husbands and wives all at the same…...

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