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Positive and Respectful Relationships with Team Members

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Strategies for Maintaining Positive & Respectful Relationships With Team Members

Kacenia S. Fitzgerald


August 11, 2014
Professor Lindsay Pineda

Diversity and Avoiding Conflict

Managing a team can be a complicated task. There are many factors to consider, such as gender, race, educational background, and technical experience. A project manager/leader has to consider all of these things when trying to form a team with positive synergy. There are a few recommended strategies to ensure success. First, start the opening of the project a “Kick Off” event. This will break the ice and give team members the opportunity to meet each other. Next, the project manager should communicate well; this will reduce confusion. Lastly, the project manager should be skilled at managing conflict so that it does not erode team cohesion and interfere with project completion.

Kick Off The “Kick Off” is a very important element of starting a project. This is where team members will form their initial impression of the project manager as well as other team members. It is important that the project manager put as much effort into this event as possible because it could set the tone for the entire project. Having the meeting at an off -site location is optimal because it creates more of a relaxed atmosphere. Such a setting will reduce anxiety and make team members feel less apprehensive. The meeting must start on time. If the project manager starts the meeting late, it will communicate the appearance of disorganization and cause a lack of trust. Additionally, the project manager should have an established agenda and a clear plan of action. Communication & Rewards Communication is probably the best strategy that a project manager can implement to promote success and maintain positive relationship with team members. If a…...

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