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Positive Effects of Fascism

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“Greed” Our generation has already been pampered by technologies, luxury, and money. We all need money, and that’s a fact. Money is used to buy foods and food is needed for us to survive. Have you observed how our world greatly changed? Yes, technology is one of the factors, but have you all observed how people loved money more than people? Have you observed how such love for money greatly affects us?
In the Old Testament Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit for it will grant her power and knowledge, because of greed and curiosity she ate the forbidden fruit. Greed always existed and will continue to exist as long as every person will develop selfishness in this world. Greed has a lot of negative effects. It does not have concern for the damages it causes. It contaminates the world. It destroys lives. It creates social conflict because it destroys the relationship you have either with your family, friends, or even God. Uncontrolled greed can lead to envy, fights or violent actions, and unhappiness because of discontentment. Greed only benefits the greedy individual. Greed is also the reason why our country is suffering from great poverty. It only shows that our society values things or money more than people or relationships. People begging for foods, people doing bad things to survive. Is this how we want our society to be? Of course not! We want it to be more productive. We want our society to be healthy or good in our eyes and the eyes of others, yet some people are still abusing it, without thinking that it can affect the people living in the society. Greed caused people to commit crimes just to get what they want, people steal from the government and the government steals from the people.
Greed doesn’t have a medication, but it can surely be prevented through teaching and nurturing the young ones with good values at home, for good things start at home and also bad things. In order to change one’s self from being greedy to not being greedy is to control one’s self from the very beginning. We can truly say that “The Earth produces enough to satisfy our needs but not enough to satisfy our greed.”…...

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