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Difference between Posts and Beats Criminal Justice/210


Today’s law enforcement still incorporates some of the old traditional methods used in the late 19th century. Two examples of these methods include beats, where a police officer is assigned a certain area to patrol. Patrolling may occur on foot, bicycle, or vehicle. Patrolling beats gives officers the opportunity to interact with members of the community to strengthen the effectiveness of communication and encouraging combining efforts in keeping the community safe. If necessary, beat officers will perform traffic duties as well. The next example, posts, are designated locations where a police officer stands guard and secures. Although posts do not require the officer to patrol a beat, it may still involve a small level of patrolling within their posted area. For example, an officer may be posted at a hospital, bank, or grocery store where the locations’ size is such that patrolling the immediate premises is necessary to effectively secure the location. Although in some locations, posted officers may come in contact with citizens, they do not interact with the public in the same manner as that of the beat officer. Officers working a post mainly involves securing a location and deterrence. Depending on the location, a beat may cover a small or large area of patrol, with access to manpower determining what beats will and will not get covered. Within the inner-city and town areas, beats may be relatively small. However, in rural and suburban areas, the beats could greatly increase.


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