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Pr Motorcycles Till We Meet Again

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During their elementary and high school days, Rudy Paragas and Frankie Taguinod were classmates. It is a fact that Frankie got better grades than Rudy. In college, Frankie took up an accounting course at the Uniersity of !anto Tomas whence he graduated with "ying colors and became a #erti$ed Public %ccountant like his Father. &ith his chosen profession, he became a millionaire. 'n the other hand, Rudy did not $nd college days en(oyable. )e dropped out from his business management course at Uniersity of the *ast and thread the world of business instead. )e pursued trading of palay and became so successful which led him from diersifying with other businesses. &ith that, )e became a billionaire.Frankie was able to $nd out the raging success that Rudy has. )e could not een decipher how a college dropped out like Rudy be more $nancially successful than a college graduate like him.
&hat would you tell Frankie if he shares his thoughts with you+
I will let Frankie realie that the root of -!U##*!! is not only the product of aperson/s intellectual ability or by mere intelligence. It welcomes anyone een if he or she is not -wise enough to answer a long mathematical problem or een compose a 01112word editorial article )ence, it is also seen with how he or she dries his or her own life3 how he or she make smart decisions which lead to fruitful outcomes. . 4r 5ill 6ates, the second richest man in the world, with a net worth of 789 billion :according to Forbes;, the owner of 4icrosoft, the not2so2wise student in his age, proed that out. I will show him the possibilities why Rudy is more $nancially successful than him, these are3 Rudy may not be a man with booming wit but a smart man instead3 he may be a man who knows how to ma<imie his full knowledge for a brilliant result. It doesn/t mean that if Rudy is a dropped out, he can/t do nothing with his life. 4aybe Rudy hae that -something which cause him to be where he is right now. %nd that something is that -uni=ue di>erence that he has compared to Frankie.
Us, being not intellectually magni$cent doesn/t mean that we are not good enough. Indeed, we are. In our life, we can/t e<cel in all $elds. &e may be good in 4ath but poor in *nglish3 we may know how to dance but singing is out of our list3 we may be an e<cellent writer but is not good in public speaking3 we maybe a #um…...

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